13 – year – old Enmore boy hangs self

13 - year - old Rishi Ramkissoon decided to take his own life.


By Kurt Campbell


13 - year - old Rishi Ramkissoon decided to take his own life.
13 – year – old Rishi Ramkissoon decided to take his own life.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – A 13 – year – old Golden Grove Secondary School Student was found hanging from the ceiling of his bedroom around 06:30hrs this morning (Tuesday, April 01) by his grandmother.

The teen has been identified as Rishi Ramkissoon of 162 Hope West Enmore, East Coast Demerara.

iNews (www.inewsguyana.com) learnt that the lad may have hung himself during the wee hours of this morning. A relative said his grandmother went into the room to wake the boy up to prepare for school when she made the gruesome discovery.

The incident has shocked the boy’s friends, especially his classmates from Grade Eight B at the Golden Grove Secondary School.

The reason(s) for the boy’s action are not clear at this moment.

His parents have been taken to the Enmore Police Station as an investigation into the incident gets underway.

Only, Sunday, March 30 a 10 – year – old North Sophia boy was found hanging from a rope at his home, he managed to survive.



  1. why put this picture in newspaper? no respect for this boys parents and other family members.who edit this paper? shame on you.

  2. I’m terribly disturbed by the photograph used to accompany this story. A 13 year old committing suicide is harrowing enough, why must we complicate things by publishing the photo? As a journalist who teaches ethics, I know this is wrong. Where is the editor?

    Must we be this graphic to tell the story? Must we be this irresponsible? Come on, as media we certainly can do better

  3. Technology has improved tremendously over the years, comfort to your hand reach but the children watching too much revengeful movies etc., so they have plenty spare time to study nonsense. Most children have phones and spent most of their time listening to all sort of music through earphones stuck in their ears because they don’t want their parent to hear the kind of music they are listening.


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