4 – Month – old baby dies at day care



By Kurt Campbell

crime scene[www.inewsguyana.com] – A four – month – old baby was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital on Tuesday morning (April 15) after he was found unconscious at his day care.

The toddler, who was identified as Phillip Prapt was pronounced dead on arrival at the GPHC.

Speaking to iNews (www.inewsguyana.com) Prapt’s distraught mother, Chilion Archer, who is also an employee at the GPHC said her son was not sick based on her observation and only had a common cold when she dropped him off earlier.

Teachers at the day care were also puzzled and could not say what led to the child’s demise. Both the boy’s relatives and care givers are eagerly anticipating the results of a post mortem examination (PME). The dead child’s mother said the PME will be done tomorrow.

The child attended the Mothers Union Day Care on Robb Street, Georgetown.

No other information was immediately available.



  1. I am a daycare professional and thats not true in most cases we take care of our children…. here and we give them the nourishment they need our parents trust to leave them in our care

  2. the day care providers don’t take care of children well,they just leave them to cry and some of them don’t even change the babies diapers,many of them put little kids to sit down at desks for hours ,some of them don’t even have a nap area,many of these people at day care don’t have any training at all in child care.


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