Visiting Belize Soldier shot four times during attempted robbery in Kitty

Shot soldier: Emil Mendez

By Leroy Smith

Shot soldier: Emil Mendez
Shot soldier: Emil Mendez

[] – Soldier attached to the Belize Defence Force, Emil Mendez was shot four times last night [Monday, December 22] during an attempted robbery in the vicinity of Sandy Place, Kitty.

iNews understands that the Soldier is part of a Ministry of Health’s Orthopedic Technician programme and is stationed at the Guyana Defense Force Base Ayanganna in Georgetown.

According to information received, the foreign soldier was out with his girlfriend at a night spot and had just placed her in a vehicle and sent her home.

He was walking back to the GDF base when he was accosted by an armed man who ordered him to hand over his valuables. A scuffle ensured between the soldier and the gunman, when Mendez was shot four times in his abdomen and thigh.

The gunman escaped and the solider was rushed to a city hospital where he remains a patient.

GDF’s Army Chief, Brigadier Mark Philips confirmed that the incident occurred and said that the welfare arm of the military body will be visiting the injured soldier today.



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