Glenn Lall says DPP is unfit for post – “she is God and almighty”

Publisher of the Kaieteur News, Glenn Lall.


By Kurt Campbell

Publisher of Kaieteur News, Glenn Lall and his Attorney, Khemraj Ramjattan
Publisher of Kaieteur News, Glenn Lall and his Attorney, Khemraj Ramjattan

[] – Publisher of the local daily – Kaieteur News – Glenn Lall – has lashed out at the country’s Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Shalimar Ali – Hack after she handed down instructions to the police not to institute criminal charges against Attorney General and Legal Affairs Minister, Anil Nandlall.

Lall said the DPP’s judgment came as no surprise to him while suggesting that it was politically influenced.

“It’s not a surprise, it didn’t come to me as any surprise,” Lall told iNews during a telephone interview yesterday, Monday December 22.

Lall had made the police report after a conversation between his staff, Leonard Gildarie and the Attorney General was brought to his attention. He claimed that the conversation was threatening to his life and that of his employees.

Reacting to the DPP’s advice, Lall said he is more convinced now than ever that the laws in Guyana only offer protection to two sets of people.

“If you are a government official or a Party member then you can do no wrong… the law works against those who are not government supporters and Party members,” the Publisher opined.

Though unhappy, he has made it clear nonetheless that he not going to let the AG get away with the threats.

He reminded of recent charges that were instituted against him when was accused of threatening the Commissioner General of Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) and questioned that if the law existed then to charge him, why it doesn’t exist now.

Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Shalimar Ali Hack
Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Shalimar Ali Hack

“Here we have a clear case where he [Nandlall] didn’t deny what was said and she [DPP] can’t find a charge… she has to be joking, she is not even fit to be sitting there,” Lall ranted.

He rubbished the DPP’s explanation that “The alleged recording of a telephone conversation between the Attorney General and the Minister of Legal Affairs and Mr. Gildarie, does not fall under Section 1a1 (a) or (b) Chapter 8:02…. in these circumstances, the communication to Gildarie does not provide an evidential basis which can support the institution of criminal proceedings.”

Lall believes the DPP is setting a bad example for Guyana.

“What message does that’s end to young Lawyers coming to join the Chambers, I am not going to sit by and let it, we all have to stand up for a just Guyana .”

The Publisher said he has to now consult with his lawyers to challenge the DPP’s advice but noted that “she is the DPP and is not easy to fight or bring about charges against, she is it, she is God and almighty.”

Lall said it was indeed sad to learn of her instructions.

To read the DPP’s explanation which is contained in a previous article, click on the following link:



  1. Trying to cover the destruction of Guyana.Wait till you get the back lash. Money cant save you, your country and your Family.

  2. Do you think they will have a chance at any election ,,you right the dunce,,,could you think of the day nigel or basil get in power,,backed up by felix ,,glenn is like a spoil child ,,he just behaving bad ,he and all them names you call just having a spoil child fit,,,they did not get what they wanted so they VEX up

  3. If Glenn lall is PPP then all his lawyers are a pack of dunce. Ramjattan, Chris ram, Nagamootoo and Nigel Hugh are are being fooled by lall if he (lall) is PPP. Then how would these stupid lawyers run Guyana.

  4. Glenn is just another friend of the pee pee pee,, he and his brother have been good friends for years,,when he shot the man was he charged ,,NO when he brother feed the black man bones he still smiling and walking like all the other PeePeePee criminals GLENN is a ppp,in the sly he is a mongoose,,watch him vote ,,is ppp

  5. Glen Lall now believes that he is an authority on everything under the sun ,especially in business , politics, and now law. There’s an old proverbs that says,”Every rich man thinks that he is a wise man.” How true with Glen Lall !

  6. GLEN LALL, according to this report asked and promised quote “What message does that’s end to young Lawyers coming to join the Chambers, I am not going to sit by and let it, we all have to stand up for a just Guyana”.( Guess there is a typographical error there.It should have been that send)
    Well Mr Lall, Are you an exemplary citizen of Guyana? Absolutely NOT! What would be your next move when you mentioned that you would not sit by and let it? Extra judicial action? It has been reported you shot and killed an innocent citizen in cold blood. Also reported is that you have ”your hands firmly linked to the underworld”, a backtracker( wikileaks) and heavens know what other illegal activities you may be involved in. You have a limited vocabulary and very often resort to the most vile expletives- I know this because some years ago, I was in your company at a popular night spot another private home. So Mr Lall, pray that the USA authorities delay the inevitable; put you in handcuffs and transport you to as US jail where you will dance to another tune

  7. Glen Lall, seems to be going mad! Glen, is making some very serious accusations, he state “she is it” he also state “she is God Almighty” this is a serious accusation, to refer to this professional lawyer as “God”. We all know that Glen, worship kateri, ganga, kali and durga, but some people say kateri is a jumbie. come to think about it Glen look like a jumbie! According to the Quran, Allah is a male. According to the Bible God the Father is a male. Even the vedas, teaches that brahmin refer to Brahma as god. Guyana is a beautiful country, but people like Glen Lall, has been using dirty money to corrupt innocent minds through fabrications and daily lies using his kaieteur news. I hope all women, and female lawyers pay attention. Arrogant Glen has referred to our sister as “IT” I wonder what he refer to his sister as, the sister that has his hundreds of millions in three business? Shameless Glen has been using his wife to do his washing. The man is so money hungry, that he is now using his son in law to wash for him. Maybe Glen daughter is more fit than Shalimar?

  8. Glen Lall should be arrested and jailed for illegally listening and taping a private conversation between two citizens. Like a voyeur, he (Glen Lall) encroached on their privacy which is a breach of their constitutional right. Lall should be made an example to deter this kind of behaviour.

    I applaud the DPP.

  9. Mr. Lall you have the gumption to say who is not fit for a position?? You the alleged murderer?? You the backtrack king?? You the alleged drug dealer??? You the alleged underworld boss??? You the man who allegedly likes young girls/boys??? You the person avoiding the taxes in Guyana??? It’s a sad time in Guyana when someone of your character can find themselves a public figure, someone like you with no class and your nouveau rich attitude. Your ascent in this country is only due to the fact that this government in its pursuit of democracy has allowed you to practice your democratic right as a citizen and you should thank this country for your successes. However, please don’t insult public figures who are clearly not at your low level or even try to align yourself to believe that you are somewhat intellectually superior than these people. It may appear that you are in form at this present time but do remember, form is temporary but class is class! And that you will never have!!!

  10. Typical opposition comment. When they lose the battle the condemn everyone instead of looking at where they would have failed.


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