Was the former Magistrate drunk, will she be named and shamed?

Hamilton's vehicle following the accident. [iNews' Photo]

By Leroy Smith

Hamilton's vehicle following the accident. [iNews' Photo]
Hamilton’s vehicle following the accident. [iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – More than 12 hours after her accident, former Magistrate Hazel Octave Hamilton is yet to be subjected to a breathalyzer test amid allegations that she was intoxicated, iNews has confirmed.

Up to late last night, traffic officers from the police ‘C’ Division were trying to have a breathalyzer test administered to Hamilton after she crashed her Aventis Motorcar into a parked Hilux open back vehicle at Good Hope, East Coast Demerara.

Reports indicate that she swerved from hitting an incoming vehicle when she slammed into the Pickup.

The woman was taken to the Vigilance police station but there were no kits there; as a result she was escorted to the Traffic Headquarters, Georgetown but there weren’t any kits there either.

iNews understands that the Former Magistrate is now back at the Police Station to take the test.

Recently, the Guyana Police Force has embarked on a new policy where they name and shame drivers who are found to be above the legal limit for alcohol consumption, after they would have been processed in the Court and charged.

The damaged Hilux vehicle. [iNews' Photo]
The damaged Hilux vehicle. [iNews’ Photo]
It is not clear if a test done now will give any positive results and if the Former Magistrate will suffer the same fate as the others.

When iNews arrived at the scene of the accident last evening, the Former Magistrate’s vehicle was placed on a wreck truck while the Hilux which reportedly belongs to a popular businessman was still on the road.

Further, a visit to the Vigilance Police Station found that Hamilton was being escorted into a police vehicle under precious care to return to the crash site to uplift her house keys and then to the Traffic Headquarters in Georgetown.

 Hamilton resigned from the Magistracy after she was asked to work in an interior location.




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