Update: Approximately $90M stolen; cops under close arrest in Post Office robbery


By Leroy Smith

Crime scene[www.inewsguyana.com] – The two policemen who were reportedly abducted by gunmen during an armed robbery on Wednesday morning are under close arrest.

According to a police report, about 08:15 hrs,  three men armed with firearms held up a police escort and the driver of a General Post Office motor vehicle, who were in the vehicle outside of the Post Office in Regent Street, Bourda, while in the process of delivering monies to the Post Office.
The perpetrators took away the policeman’s service G3 Rifle with 20 rounds and then entered the vehicle and forced the driver to drive away, with the police rank inside.
The men abandoned the vehicle along Cemetery Road, Georgetown, and took away $90M that was in the vehicle and escaped, along with the policeman’s firearm.


  1. Trevis, you don’t live in Guyana, yet you feel comfortable to criticize the Government of Guyana and the people of Guyana. You and your PNC Andrew, aka looknah, and raj are the fool. Are you afraid that those criminals will be shot by the police? I don’t think you’re even Trevis. I think you’re the same looknah, raj, pandit, and a few other names. Are you going represent your PNC criminals?

  2. Oh well who died and made you king? Maybe you’ve lived in a bubble for the last 30 years or so, but maybe you should take a look at the stats before you offer your misguided opinions and incorrect use of the English language and its spelling. Just look at how you’ve made yourself look like a complete ignoramus by saying, and I quote “Guyana don’t have no major development Guyana is far richer than most Caribbean Islands” end of quote! Firstly, when your bubble bursts on May 11th go visit the eye doctor and check your vision out, because development in the last 20 years has been clear for all to see. Also it is with those “far richer” funds that we are able to build new roads, hospitals, upgrade our airport and have a second international airport, and since you and your opposition cohorts were bent on sabotaging the amaila falls project, specialty hospital and the expansion of the airport, the major developments that you pen about could have continued. Secondly you nimcompoop, Guyana is not an island with 60,000 persons living in it or neither is it 100 miles across at its longest point! It’s a country on the main land of South America with 800,000 inhabitants where many islands happen to be part of our 3 main rivers. So kindly refrain from comparisons of an island to a country! I’d like to delve in further detail but I doubt you have the mental capacity to comprehend the intricate explanations pertaining to the running of a micro or a macro economy.

  3. I’ve been following the campaigning of the 2 major political parties and i’ve heard the ruling party speak about development smh Guyana don’t have no major development Guyana is far richer than most Caribbean islands and they don’t have proper water coming out of the taps the town us still dirty. And I’ve heard that the electricity still go of a lot when u speak about development your speaking about hot water coming thru the pipe the town is clean political parties debating instead of members against members I haven’t heard none of you spoke about what you gonna do for the people. And you would have to be really dumb to not see that the ruling party don’t give a dam abt the people of Guyana this is 1 of the reason people like me leave Guyana and say we’re not going back cause instead of Guyana going forward it keep going backwards

  4. justinwil u r such a fool I just that Guyanese could open their eyes n see the world I don’t even live in Guyana and I could see that the Ppp is making mockery of Guyanese shame on u guys

  5. PNC,PNCR,PNC1,CRAPNU…. This is how this party is able to acquire their necessary campaign money. They did it in the past and they continue to engage in inside job robberies. Every single election time this happens, it’s no wonder they the opposition are in bed with gangs from Agricola and Buxton. It’s no wonder they never wanted to pass the anti money laundering bill, because their base of campaign funds are gathered from the dirty money. It’s no wonder Granger doesn’t want to take ownership for the missing guns from the GDF. You think it’s bad in Guyana under the PPP, try giving power to power driven unqualified wanna be politicians. All charlatans!!

  6. Every pension month thieves steal money and yet we cannot find a better way for our old folks to get money.

    There is a Jamaican song that ask if you can tell the difference between a police and thief. Using guns: Police/Thief; driving with tint: Police/Thief; roadblocks: Police thief; breaking the law: Police/Thief……

  7. hear me stutter…in in in side jo jo job…90 mil?????????/ oh me papa lawd og gawd…..u know hown much transportation pnc could do with that?? can afford to bus dem supporters in every street corner in guyana jajajajajajjaa…is how may post office and how many times dem teefing from….insider trading bro


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