PNCR member charged for heckling at PPP/C meeting

Vanessa Kissoon.
Vanessa Kissoon.

[] –Member of the People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR), Vanessa Kissoon on Tuesday appeared in the Linden Magistrate’s Court where she was charged for heckling the speakers at a People’s Progressive Party/Civic meeting on March 24.

Kissoon, who is the Linden representative of the PNCR, attended the meeting at Blueberry Hill and reportedly heckled the speakers, which included Junior Finance Minister, Bishop Juan Edghill.

However after she was ignored, Kissoon allegedly intimidated attendees at the meeting and allegedly issued threats to those present.

During her court appearance, she pleaded not guilty to the charge which alleged that on Tuesday March 24, at Blue Berry Hill, Linden at a public meeting she used insulting words to Joe Hamilton with intent to provoke a breach of the peace contrary to Section 10 of the  Public Order Act 16:03.

Four other persons; Juliet Atwell, Alieshaw Barker, Leonie Alexander and Marcelle Williams were also charged.

In a media statement Kissoon said “the struggle for justice in Guyana continues to free the people of Guyana and particularly Linden/Region 10 which is under siege from police excesses and a police state that Guyana has become over the last few years.  Citizens are seeing some law enforcement agents, instead of serving the citizens whose tax moneys pay them, are operating in service to political masters.”

She said she remains hopeful that the tenets of justice will reign and she will be declared not guilty at the conclusion of the court case.

“Nowhere in the PPP opposition history would this police harassment have been allowed without far reaching consequences for the image of the government. We in Linden remain concern and alarm at the double standards in society that some are willing to accept and silently condone,” her statement read.

She is slated to reappear in Court on May 06.



  1. Vanessa Kissoon is a trouble maker y people look to her as a leader is still unbelievable. The youths in Guyana must move away from this kind of madness. Its 2015 not 1997.

  2. look naath burnham inherit free education system..up to this day education is free unless u want go educate yourself under ramotar ppp..u defacing you…dont be this dumb look naught look o look zero look duck egg lol

  3. she name kissoon n he name sharma….in faithful supporter..hate ppp guts with gusto…but yet she name kissoon n he name sharma..figure it out as yet?

  4. Andrew I see you using the name looknah. Aren’t you PNC ashamed? Your old boss Felix will never be a minister. So you really think you can fool people? I’m watching you.

  5. here you are again posting more trash nonsense and i didn’t have to read it ’cause i just know the level at which you operate!

    you should have taken the time to equip yourself with formal education when it was free under burnham and then you would have become part of the larger community of bloggers who write and exchange ideas for the better and to make a difference.

    read back some of your trash and try figuring out the parts that make sense then come back here and point them out to readers.

  6. guyana must be the only country in the world that would charge someone with heckling at a political rally and then some uneducated fool will come out saying that guyana is no longer under dictatorial rule.

    hey, wake up and smell the coffee, it is only under dictatorship that someone will be charged for exercising freedom of expression. aren’t you ashamed to be writing such trash nonsense as soon as an article is published and someone writes about something in the media?

    it is one thing to support the ppp / government, which is your prerogative but, do you have to deface the forum with idiotic posting and useless graffiti?

  7. Hey gdhoyte, You really, really don’t understand the world. You definitely do not understand this world! Vanessa Kissoon, your PNC sister was charged under section 10 of the public order Act 16:03. You PNC are accustomed to breaking the law and getting away with. We are living in civilized times. We are no longer under Burnham dictatorial rule, we are now enjoying demcracy. Felix cannot save criminals anymore.
    Did you listen to “The Winston Felix and Basil Williams tape” Please Google it and then come honest if you can.

  8. She is always know for causing trouble. she even had a fight a short while ago with her own PNC ppl and was suspended. she just cant stay out of trouble.

  9. Since when heckling is an offence punishable to the degree of being charged. Is this not a political campaign where such things happens all the time. Makes we wonder if we are dictatorship or a democratic nation.

  10. Vanessa Kissoon, You are running for Political office and lying? Are you the PNC who wants to run down Guyana? You Kissoon, went to court and plea not guilty? How dare you! Vanessa Kissoon, SHAME on you PNC!!!!!
    Satan is the father of lies, and all who lie make the the devil their father. So here Vanessa Kissoon, is calling Satan the devil daddy! PAPA! PAPA!
    Now you are hoping to be declared not guilty by the court. What a shame! You PNC people should go and live in Jonestown. My brother James David Manning always talk about you and Greenidge. Liars! Repent! REPENT VANESSA! REPENT!
    Change your dirty ways! Turn away from your evil ways! Forgiveness is awaiting you, Retent! You do not understand the world, REPENT!!!!! Kissoon, repent or perish by you Father1


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