Rohee will not address security concerns on campaign trail

Home Affairs Minister, Clement Rohee

By Jomo Paul

Home Affairs Minister, Clement Rohee
Home Affairs Minister, Clement Rohee

[] – General Secretary of the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) and Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee says he will not be addressing the policy issues of the security sector during PPP/C’s campaign trail.

Rohee made the bold pronouncement despite the security sector being pummelled as one the major failures of the PPP/C government over the last 22 years in office.

Rohee at PPP’s press briefing on Tuesday March 31 said the campaign platform will be used to energize supporters of the Party and not to address the many woes and policy issues of the sector.

When questioned by reporters Rohee said “no, that will be addressed in our manifesto. These are political rallies aimed at energizing our supporters and giving them an idea of where we will go in the future…this will be buttressed by our manifesto.”

He further pointed out that at those rallies he is appearing in his capacity as General Secretary of the PPP/C and not as the Home Affairs Minister.

Rohee’s statement come as Presidential Candidate for A Partnership for National Unity/Alliance for Change (APNU/AFC), David Granger has incessantly chastised the government for its failures in the security sector.

On Sunday, Granger told the thousands of supporters who gathered at Whim, Corentyne that his government will protect them from crime which continues to plague Berbicians on a daily basis.

Granger said he will device a crime strategy plan to tackle piracy among other issues since it is the biggest challenge facing the people of that region, citing the crime situation as the reason why businesses are not investing in Guyana.

“I will make you safe, because i am going to establish a Police Force that will care about you, that will answer your emergency calls.”




  1. Rohee will not address security issues on the campaign trail because he does not know what to say. He cannot defend his incompetence and has no idea how to solve the security issues.

    The entire PPP seems to be out of ideas. That is why they even plagiarized election slogans. Their brain is clogged up thinking how they will go to jail when they lose election.

  2. talk about the criminals who vote pnc all their life to make them army and police officers..yall ppp people dotish bad..why u thing pnc granger pnc people only crying for big wages for the public sector and massive increase for security??? dem kind of job dat dont pay ppp supporters…so talk or no talk about security..the guyanese masses nat dat dum ppp..

  3. rohee has been an abject failure as security minister so it is no surprise that he will take his pathetic record with him and run away as far as possible from the security issues marring the guyanese people.

    nowhere in the world will people tolerate a government with a dismal record such as the ppp, refusing to discuss a matter of such importance as security in an election campaign.

    the guyanese people are a really slack bunch if they vote to keep this government going for another five years despite the fact that the ppp / government have no record to run on.


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