Carlsberg installs beer taps in 2,000 apartments near brewery

Mock-up of an installed residential beer tap and the Carlsberg HQ in Copenhagen
Mock-up of an installed residential beer tap and the Carlsberg HQ in Copenhagen
Mock-up of an installed residential beer tap and the Carlsberg HQ in Copenhagen

[] – By February 2018 more than 2,000 apartments in Copenhagen will have installed beer taps connected to a direct pipeline from the local Carlsberg brewery.

As Copenhagen streets are dug up in order to install new heating, gas and water lines, Carlsberg seizes the opportunity to install beer lines. As the Copenhagen areas Vesterbro and Valby are closest to the Carlsberg breweries, they will be the first to be connected to the brewery, after which Carlsberg will assess the subsequent demand throughout the city.

Head of Copenhagen city planning, Johan Blinck, explains that while installing beer lines in the streets of Copenhagen would usually be intrusive, the current installation is combined with renovation in the city.

‘Since Copenhagen is currently seeing a major overhaul of the water and gas lines, the cost of putting the World’s first beer lines under streets couldn’t come at a better time’ Blink says.

‘We’re already tearing up the streets, so the cost per metre couldn’t be lower for Carlsberg’.

When the Nobel Prize awarded physicist Niels Bohr lived in the Carlsberg honorary residence a popular myth came alive. It was rumoured, that professor Bohr had a beer tap in his house, that was directly connected to the brewery outside his mansion.

“We are now able to put some truth behind the myth from 1932. All home owner associations in Vesterbro and Valby have been offered to be connected to the street beer lines.”

Any interested residents in city districts adjacent to Vesterbro and Valby are urged to apply at the Carlsberg website in the coming weeks as further demand studies are being conducted.

In order to ensure supply, Carlsberg is reactivating the old bottling hall near the Carlsberg headquarters.

Vice president of Carlsberg Global, Mikkel Pilemand, is certain the investment will pay off. ‘We see it as a long term investment. In the pipelines, we have made it possible to fork the supply, thereby making it possible to target certain households and even test new beer types. There’s nothing like really fresh beer’.

Along with green Carlsberg colours, Carlsberg are hugely invested in making the future environment a lot cleaner. By allowing the residents of Copenhagen to draft their own beer, approximately 1,040,000 bottles a year are spared and can be put out of the recycling cycle. The running cost of the consumed beer is included in a fixed utility bill up until 15 litres a month, after which usage is billed per centilitre.




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