$82.3M Nursery commissioned at No. 77 Village

The Number 77 Nursery School, Region Six.
Children enjoying the play facilities in the Number 77 Village Nursery school compound
Children enjoying the play facilities in the Number 77 Village Nursery school compound

[www.inewsguyana.com] – A state-of-the-art nursery school, built to Caricom standards at a cost of $82.3 M and equipped with ramps at the entrances and exits to cater for disabled children, was commissioned on Tuesday, March 31 at No.77 Village, East Berbice Corentyne.

The structure received funding for its construction under the Basic Needs Trust Funds (BNTF).

The contract for the construction of Nursery School was signed in April 2014 and was completed approximately seven months later. The school was welcomed by the staff of the facility, especially the head teacher, and the residents.

BNTF representative, Michael Singh said the school is equipped with sick bay, kitchen, administrative department and washroom facilities among other departments, and has the capacity to house 120 students or 20 per classroom.

Inside the new nursery school.
Inside the new nursery school.

BNTF is a Government of Guyana programme and is responsible for implementing projects and providing infrastructure for capacity building through funding from the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB).

The project undertaken falls into the 7th and 8th BNTF cycle which deals with education and human development. Under this aspect US$2.7M was expended on the construction of the Diamond, Ithaca, Tuschen, and the latest No.77 village nursery schools among others along with the refurbishing of others.

The Number 77 Nursery School, Region Six.
The Number 77 Nursery School, Region Six.

The 8th cycle which is currently ongoing will see the injection of US$804M into the education sector. Meanwhile Region Six Chairman Mr. Permaul Armogan lauded the education sector and the importance that government has given to nursery education, which is the backbone to more intellectual development.

He recognised that the government is not only pushing nursery, but all forms of education, with a special focus on technical and vocational areas. [Extracted and modified from GINA]



  1. Is this in Guyana Or in Japan? It looks like Guyana to me! Well in the eyes of the haters this is not development. They want the world to think that Guyana is still in the dark ages. To all the haters of Guyana, I say eat your heart out! Guyana will continue to develop and prosper under the progressive PPP.

  2. WOW!! Beautiful! Well done PPP, well done! What a development! Praise to the PPP for their skillful Business Strategies. The PPP understand the world.
    PNC/AFC, Eat your heart! Let’s continue to Modernize Guyana. Development on top of development by the PPP Government. This is what the Champion of the Earth is talking about. Long live Dr. Jagdeo!, and long live the PPP too! Let the PNC go and take over Burnham Town, Jones Town.


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