Gunmen abduct police ranks, cart off with millions in cash


By Leroy Smith

POLICE INVOLVED SHOOTING[] – The police are hunting for a vehicle containing millions of dollars in pension and other public assistance funds which vanished from Regent Street in the vicinity of the Bourda Post Office on Wednesday morning, April 01.

According to a police report, about 08:15 hrs,  three men armed with firearms held up a police escort and the driver of a General Post Office motor vehicle, who were in the vehicle outside of the Post Office in Regent Street, Bourda, while in the process of delivering monies to the Post Office.
The perpetrators took away the policeman’s service G3 Rifle with 20 rounds and then entered the vehicle and forced the driver to drive away, with the police rank inside.
The men abandoned the vehicle along Cemetery Road, Georgetown, and took away $90M that was in the vehicle and escaped, along with the policeman’s firearm.




  1. Granger really is danger. Man hot like fyah! GDF guns still unaccounted for. Alya wait til May 11th when the coalition lose. You think they taking it easy, they mean to create instability in Guyana. So they robbing left and right to support the campaign, then when they lose they got the GDF guns they will want to use to terrorize the nation again. PNC old tricks! That’s what NagamenahIndian and Jattah bai sign up for!

  2. hahahahahahahahahha inside job big time…pnc need money to bus in their supporters all over guyana for their rallies to make it look like 100000000 following pnc like mad hahahahaha

  3. More attacks on the Government. Those criminals thinks they are hurting the pensioners? Or These bandits think they can frustrate the Government? This is not PNC Administration you criminals dealing with, this is a Prosperous Government. This Government has money in the treasury!! Guyana has reserve now. Under the PNC our pensioners will definitely starve, and lost what was stolen by those bandits that was trained by Burnham, and his lieutenants. Guyana is not bankrupt anymore. This progressive PPP Government will ensure the pensioners live. I think That was a well planned robbery by some of Burnham kick down the door bandits.
    God is watching ! All who know and help to rob our pensioners will end very bad!!! They will punish bad, bad! some of them will die with their boots out of their feet!
    Cursed are they!!!!!!!!


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