Underwear, belt will determine if decomposed body is missing teacher



By Leroy Smith

Investigators, others at the crime scene. [iNews' Photo]
Investigators, others at the crime scene. [iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – Government Pathologist Dr. Nehaul Singh conducted a post mortem examination on the remains of a decomposed body found last night but the cause of death has been undetermined.

The remains of a nude, female was found aback the Caricom Annex at Turkeyen, Greater Georgetown on Thursday evening [July 25] by a man who went to relieve himself in the area.

He immediately called the police.

Police are now tasked with running additional tests to determine the cause of death of the female. The post-mortem was witnessed by some 15 police investigators and a distanced view under the lenses of several media personnel who showed up at the location.

A police source working close to the investigation confirmed to iNews that based on the evidence gathered at the location, a belt and underwear will be used to verify if indeed the remains are that of missing St Stanislaus Teacher, Nyozi Goodman.

Missing: Nyozi Goodman
Missing: Nyozi Goodman

Goodman disappeared without a trace following a basketball game at the National Gymnasium on July 6. The woman, who has been a teacher for almost a decade and teaches Geography and Social Studies, had reportedly accompanied another teacher and students from her school.

According to her brother, Nestor Thompson following the game, she told the students to go ahead since someone will pick her up to drop her home, but that was the last anyone would see of the woman.

No one saw who picked her up or where she went and calls to her phone have all gone unanswered. Checks at her William Street Kitty residents also came up empty handed.





  1. killer in brooklyn killer in guyana…the law itself tell some people to go out kill..come lets make a deal..plead to lesser count ..get your 3 or 4 years jail and its over..if and when killers are caught..brought to justice..tried freely..found guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt…break their god damn necks..but then again there are two impediments in the judicial system..nigel hughes wil be hired..nigel hughes will get his people in on the jury…case closed..killer/s walk free…then there is the jury system..many criminals are walking free lately all because the jury says so..in guyana the authorities does not know it as yet or they know it but dont want to touch it with a 20 foot pole..they jury system in guyana must be abolished..many citizens know they cant get justice with the jury coz they know that someone on the jury or the police are related one way or another with most of these criminals..

  2. How about dental records. This may also help.
    This teacher must have trusted someone to allow this supposedly tragedy to occur.
    Educators must employ extra care and take no chances, especially where safety is concerned.


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