PNC/R Congress: Brawl looms over Kissoons denial of ‘Delegate Status’

Oscar Clarke and Vanessa Kissoon
Oscar Clarke and Vanessa Kissoon
Oscar Clarke and Vanessa Kissoon

[] – People’s National Congress Parliamentarian Vanessa Kissoon’s Region Ten Colleague Sharma Solomon is adamant that the suspended member be granted delegate status to participate in the 18th Biennial Congress which convenes this afternoon.

In a letter to the Party’s General Secretary, Oscar Clarke, the Region Ten [Linden] Chairman outlined that “consistent with Rule 15 (2) (d) of the Party Constitution, Kissoon is entitled to delegate status at the 18th Biennial Congress of the People’s National Congress Reform.”

In this regard, he made it clear that the members of PNCR Region 10 are advising that the General Secretary complies and provide her with the appropriate accreditation. 

Chairman of Region 10, Sharma Solomon.
Chairman of Region 10, Sharma Solomon.


“Ms. Vanessa Kissoon is APNU Member of Parliament on the PNCR list,” the statement clarified.

iNews has learnt that the denial of delegate status to the Region Ten rep is not sitting well with the community and may result in much anticipate ruckus when the Congress convenes later today where another Region Ten Delegate – Aubrey Norton – is expected to go head to head with the current Leader, David Granger for the post.

Kissoon was suspended pending the recommendations of a Disciplinary Committee established to investigate into an alleged assault between herself and Clarke in May. The committee has had one meeting since and is yet to decide on the issue.

Kissoon will only be allowed to attend the Congress as an Observer or special invitee and will not be allowed to participate in any voting or be voted for any position.

She nonetheless remains active in her parliamentary capacity. Kissoon has traded words too with the Leader on her suspension.



  1. Ah who cares, PNC beating up on PNC, tribe beats tribe, what else is new.
    Make no mistake and do not get involved. They will unite and turn on you as if you stole their mauby and is the source of all their ills for generations.
    They have the ability to put in place who the ‘bunch’ chooses.
    This bunch lives in the USA.

  2. these are the people aspiring to lead Guyana.. from day one PNC was created it knows nothing about winning the hearts minds votes of Guyanese..PNC felt a sense of entitlement to rule and to tower over all Guyanese because they think they were first in Guyana..PNC supporters often tell other ethnic groups what PNC rulers teaches them to go back to where they come from ..If you tell them the Amerindians are telling you that PNC and their supporters to go back to Africa they get angry and upset and pull illegal guns on ya..PNC from top down cant stand the truth..They know nothing about Governing but loved to be at the top to full their god damn pockets with peoples money..


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