Trevor Rose killing: Road rage or execution?


By Leroy Smith

The car in which Rose was traveling in at the time of his death.
The car in which Rose was traveling in at the time of his death.

[]The killing of Trevor Rose – one of the country’s most popular male designer and promoter – has left many questions in the minds of those following the story.

iNews spoke to several persons who are not buying the theory that the killing was an execution, claiming that Rose was not an enemy maker while others are saying that the killing could very well be a case of road rage.

Investigators were told by the driver of the taxi (Trevor Newinkiri) which Rose was traveling in, that when he pulled up at the traffic light at Eccles, East Bank Demerara, a car pulled up alongside his vehicle and the occupants of that vehicle began accosting him about the way in which he was driving.

The man said that an argument broke out and the driver of the car exited the vehicle and opened fire on the occupants of the taxi, killing the fashion designer and injuring himself and the female companion of the designer.

There are now questions if the killing was as a result of an irritated driver, who vented his anger through the barrel of his weapon [still unable to confirm whether it was an illegal or legal weapon).

The doubts are being created since according to the driver, Rose was the last person to be shot. The first was said to be the taxi driver of the car followed by the female which give Rose the time to escape or take cover from the hail of bullets.

Had Rose been the intended target it was advised, the gunman would have turned on him first or in a worst case scenario, approach the driver and injure or kill him first to ensure that there was no chance of a getaway. But the questions still linger given the amount of shots that the designer received which also still suggests that he may have been the target.

Dead: 32 - year - old Trevor Rose.
Dead: 32 – year – old Trevor Rose.


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