Berbice residents block road suspecting police involvement in robbery


[]It took the divisional commander and some his ranks to persuade residents of Number 48 Village to remove two lorries the residents used to block the main road following a robbery in that village by four heavily armed men on two pensioners.

The incident occurred on Sunday night (January 26) where the gunmen held up at gunpoint, Lalman Ramdeen and his wife Vimlawattie Ramdeen ages 66 and 62 respectively while in their grocery shop just after 19.00 hours.

The resident told investigators that prior to the robbery, they spotted a white car moving suspiciously in the community and following the robbery a white car with police personnel showed up at the robbery scene to investigate the robbery.

However, the robbers it was reported escaped on foot after committing the robbery and fired several rounds in the air as they fled.

The white car which was used by the police to respond to the robbery came with flashing lights and was clearly identified as a police vehicle. However, this did very little to persuade residents that it was a different car from that which was circling the area, as the residents are adamant that the police were involved in the robbery.

The police car with its anti-crime  patrol ranks were prevented from accessing the crime scene but was finally able to do so after negotiations with the B Division Commander and Assistant Commissioner of Police Brian Joseph, who managed to have the residents remove the trucks and other blockades which were used to prevent the movement of vehicular traffic.

Meanwhile, the police are continuing their investigations into the robbery.



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