Thieves caught, beaten after robbing Royal Castle Deliveryman


The two alleged thieves were caught and received a trashing by residents. [Mondale Smith's Photo]
The two alleged thieves were caught and received a trashing by residents. [Mondale Smith’s Photo]
[] –  Two of four thieves were caught and beaten by residents after they robbed a Royal Castle deliveryman in Wortmanville, Georgetown on Tuesday night (April 15).

The two thieves were caught while they tried to escape through the Wortmanville scheme yard. iNews ( understands that the delivery man was on his motorbike when they accosted him with a knife and took away the cash he had in his possession.

He told iNews ( that the cash amounted to $100,000. The victim said he rode around the corner of Hailey Street and raised an alarm and the residents came out in their numbers and gave chase.

Two gunshots rang out causing two of the alleged robbers to lay flat on their stomach in the scheme yard expressing fear for their lives. Mere seconds later, blows reigned from every angle upon them as the residents expressed their anger against the two young strangers.

One of the alleged thieves. [Mondale Smith's Photo]
One of the alleged thieves. [Mondale Smith’s Photo]
“Is people like yall who don’t like wuk does run through here and give the yard and the area a bad name,” one woman stated.

By then the delivery boy had arrived on his motorbike and ran into the yard shouting “duh is dem who just robbed me.” Minutes later the police arrived and the two were taken into custody much to the residents’ joy.

[Mondale Smith]



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