Finances for constitutional bodies’, Parliament, GDF approved by House



By Kurt Campbell

parliament[] – The National Assembly approved the finances set aside in the National Budget for the fiscal year 2014 for several constitutional bodies along with the Guyana Defence Force (GDF), Office of the Prime Minister and the Parliament Office.

Despite earlier cuts to the Office of the President budgetary allocation, the funding for these entities went untouched.

The Public and Police Service Commission received the sum of $50M under current expenditure and another $2.5M under capital expenditure.

The Teaching Service Commission managed to secure $73M under current and $2.3M under capital.

Following several questions from the Opposition benches, monies for the Guyana Elections Commission were passed, totaling $3.1B under current and $126M under capital.

Without any questions, the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) received $7.2B for current expenditure and another $653M for capital expenditure.

The recently reconstituted Office of the Ombudsman received $20M for current work while the Public Service Appellate Tribunal secured $5.2M for current work and another $3.4M for capital expenditure.

The Office of the Prime Minister which again saw the Opposition asking no questions received $220M under current expenditure and $4.3B under capital expenditure.

Meanwhile, the Parliament Office received $988M for current work and $70M for capital expenditure.




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