Town Clerk withholds fuel from Mayor after he called her a ‘Rodent’

Carol Sooba.

By Leroy Smith

Mayor of Georgetown, Hamilton Green.
Mayor of Georgetown, Hamilton Green.

[] – Town Clerk (ag), Carol Sooba is calling on Mayor of Georgetown, Hamilton Green to apologise to her before he can get money to fuel his vehicle.

At a press conference on Tuesday, April 15, Sooba alleged that the Mayor was disrespectful to her when he sent a letter to her office requesting fuel for his vehicle and failed to address her by her portfolio.

According to Sooba, the letter was only addressed to “Carol Sooba, in care of the Office of the Town Clerk”.

Town Clerk [ag] Carol Sooba.
Town Clerk [ag] Carol Sooba.
Sooba told reporters that she is “no rodent” and if the Mayor is serious about fuel for his vehicle, he cannot expect that to be issued by a “rodent.”

She told the news conference that on Monday, April 14, the Mayor called her a rodent and as long as she remains a rodent in the eyes of the Mayor, the fuel will be unable to flow.



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