Taxi driver shot by bandits – at Cumberland

INJURED: Darshan Rampersaud

A Berbice taxi driver is now a patient at the New Amsterdam Hospital nursing a gunshot wound to the leg after he was attacked and shot by two armed men during a robbery at his Cumberland, East Canje home on Friday last.
The injured man was identified as Darshan Rampersaud, 39, of Lot 125 Coburg Street, Canje, Berbice. According to reports, the taxi driver returned home at about 20:30hrs and took off his wristwatch and placed it on the steps along with the day’s earning.

INJURED: Darshan Rampersaud
INJURED: Darshan Rampersaud

He then went into the kitchen, got some food and went upstairs. While there, the two men armed with a cutlass and a gun confronted and ordered him to remain silent.
They demanded he hand over money and valuables but when he resisted, they dealt him several blows to the head and body. During the beating, a bullet was ‘accidentally’  discharged which missed his head.
Reports are the two bandits panicked and started to order each other to kill the man but the neighbours had already heard the gunshot and raised an alarm thus causing the men to flee.
They escaped with the money placed on the stairway and rode off on two bicycles parked a stone’s throw away.
The police have launched an investigation.



  1. Darshan Rampersaud dont worry budday cack eye ramjhaat our security minister have crimes and criminals exactly where he wants them will be ok..


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