Gunmen rob elderly vendor at NA Market

Frieda Khan

Frieda Khan, a 55-year-old vendor at the New Amsterdam Market was robbed, on Friday last, by two armed bandits who took away her bag containing money.
The woman said that at about 20:30hrs on Friday last, she was leaving her East Canje home heading to Port Mourant Market to purchase vegetables to sell when she was attacked by the two gunmen.
According to woman, she was placing her baskets and bags into a car parked outside of her home when she noticed two men standing in close proximity.

Frieda Khan
Frieda Khan

She added that although she was able to see the individuals, she did not recognise any of them.
INews understands that the men escaped with the vendor’s bag, which had $50,000. The gunmen reportedly escaped on a bicycle while firing shots.
The woman and her nephew reported the matter to the police, who responded and combed the area for approximately three hours but their search was unsuccessful.
Police are still searching for the gunmen.



  1. We need to ask the top cop what he is doing to SERVE and Protect his own kind of people,he failed them in every way, Ramjit is not the only target,DK we need to attack the cause of the problem,CRIME is going to get much worse in the only 5 years this administration will ever serve,thank GOD she and the lucky victims of the cockroaches are alive,stop playing politics with the citizens APNU

  2. Gunmen rob elderly vendor at NA Market
    Frieda Khan dont worry since our cack eye security have your back covered from gun totting criminals..would appear there are more guns in the hands of criminals since our cack eye security minister rumjaat introduced gun amnesty…rumjaat turn bad man eh


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