Self-confessed death squad member refuses to cooperate with police

Sean Hinds along with his Attorney, Nigel Hughes. [HGPTV Nightly News Photo]

Sean Hinds along with his Attorney, Nigel Hughes. [HGPTV Nightly News Photo]
Sean Hinds along with his Attorney, Nigel Hughes. [HGPTV Nightly News Photo]
[] – The Guyana Police Force has revealed that former policeman and self – confessed death squad member, Sean Hinds is refusing to cooperate with investigators after turning himself in on Monday, July 27.

A police report detailed that Hinds visited the police at CID Headquarters, Eve Leary, accompanied by his Lawyer Nigel Hughes, and is in custody but has so far refused to answer any questions based on the advice of his lawyer.

“So far he is not cooperating with the police as a number of questions have been put to him in the presence of his Lawyer and his consistent response has been that he has nothing to say, based on advice of his Lawyer,” the police release noted.

The Force recently noted that he is wanted for a “serious offence” but has refused to reveal the nature of the offence; however Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo a few days ago revealed that Hinds was spotted outside his [Nagamootoo] residence, staking out the area.

Hinds has since denied this allegation. The former policeman broke his silence and confessed to being part of the death squad in Guyana back in 2002/2003, which was responsible for bringing down several armed criminals who had escaped from the Camp Street Prison in February 2002.

Hinds made the revelation during an exclusive interview with Travis Chase of HGPTV Nightly News on July 21, where he also noted that he took direct orders from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID).

According to Hinds, the CID also provided the death squad with weapons and that he worked with the late Axel Williams, who was gunned down several years ago.

Hinds, along with Mark Thomas and Ashton King were charged with the murder of George Bacchus in February 2004. Days before his death, Bacchus had publicly confessed to being a death squad informant. Hinds, however was acquitted of the charge in the High Court.

He was also charged with kidnapping a 13-year-old girl in 2009 and also in the July 2012 multi-million robbery of Annie Ramsood in Bel Air but those charges were withdrawn on the advice of the Director of Public Prosecutions.




  1. Staking out the PM’s residence is not a crime. Where is the evidence for the other crimes this man committed? He does not have to answer any questions from the police. The police need to document the evidence against this dude and charge him with whatever crimes he committed. The police can’t do basic police work or they do have the resources to accumulate evidence or are covering up. If the PPP was in power, they would have been blamed for “protecting” this man!!!! The political, judicial and protective situations in Guyana are pathetic to put it mildly. Most Guyanese in North America do not care to visit Guyana.


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