Rice Development Board gets new Chairman

A section of the packed-to-capacity Authur Chung Convention Centre at the Ministry of Agricultures National Rice Industry Conference
Minister of Agriculture, Noel Holder addressing farmers and millers at the National Rice Industry Conference
Minister of Agriculture, Noel Holder addressing farmers and millers at the National Rice Industry Conference

[www.inewsguyana.com] – A new Board of Directors of the Guyana Rice Development Board (GRDB) has been appointed to guide the agency over the coming year so as to enhance the sector, with Claude Housty, former General Manager of the Guyana Rice Export Board, as its Chairman.

This was disclosed on Monday, July 27, by Minister of Agriculture, Noel Holder while addressing the opening of the first National Rice Industry Conference at the Arthur Chung International Convention Centre, Liliendaal, Greater Georgetown.

As per statute, the Board is comprised of farmer and miller representatives, a consumer representative, as well as representatives of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs (Foreign Trade), Finance and Agriculture and a representative from the legal fraternity. The General Manager will be an Ex-officio member of the Board.

Guyana has been exporting rice consistently for over 100 years. Pledging the Government’s support to the industry, Minster Holder told the packed-to-capacity convention centre that the Government will continue to make investments that are necessary and fully support the agricultural sector.

A section of the packed-to-capacity Authur Chung Convention Centre at the Ministry of Agricultures National Rice Industry Conference
A section of the gathering at the conference

“We will not stop here. Together, we will ensure that more markets are tapped in to with a view to Guyana’s rice being available worldwide. I implore all millers and exporters to let us collate our efforts and to partner with the government to ensure that we focus on finding and sustaining markets. Together we can achieve this — and indeed it’s a long road ahead, but some good work is already under way,” he told the conference. [Extracted and modified from GINA]




  1. you are a flippin’ idiot and you just doesn’t know it!

    the petrocaribe deal with venezuela was a year-to-year deal and since mid-year 2014 guyana was notified that the deal would be put off in 2015 but that fact was not shared with the rice farmers so, enough of your nonsensical speech about granger destroying the rice market because, you ain’t talking to all the idiots in your echo chamber when you choose to write here publicly.

    when a country is buying your rice for three times the world market price you must know to put the money back into the rice industry and not squander it like the ppp did because there has to be some underlying factors when someone is willing to buy a product for more than it is valued. you name one lucrative value-added product created from the rice industry and tell people here what is the cost of production of one tonne of rice as compared to the rest of the rice producing nations of the world.

    and lemme leave you with one more fact of importance that you won’t get in your echo chamber. the 600,000 tonnes of rice did not magically appear because guyanese rice farmers are divine and an anointed breed of people. you look around and you will find out the many foreign lending agencies and agricultural development agencies that are involved with rice production in guyana but yet the farmers are broke and the granger administration has to find billions to pay for paddy sold to the government since 2013.

    you shameless bastard, instead of talking about rice you better use your energies to talk about who is going to go to jail for running the petrocaribe fund dry.

  2. you people are so racists stop thinking race and look at compitence,experience and qualification.The PPP was the most corrupt,incompitent and racist party so what are you loosers talking about?the new Govt has qualified Ministers in their cabinet and not like those square pegs in round hole like Rohee etcetra.Stop the racism and bitching.The PPP has ruined the country for 23years.Westford and others will begoing to jail

  3. Light a candle for the rice farmers and millers .Claude Housty was the incompetent general manager during whose tenure rice production was below 100,000 tons and rice was being imported from Italy.

    During Claude Housty’s tenure the Chronicle newspaper used to manufacture stories of fictional paddy production , milling and export. Rice production in 2014 was over 600,000 tons. His imposition is one which is calculated to destroy the livelhood of hundreds rice farmers and millers, thus forcing them into death by starvation or mass external migration.

    His inept and incompotent boss, the defacto president Granger who had recently destroyed the Jagdeo rice market deal with Venezuela told rice farmers yesterday that they were neglected. Neglected but sill producting over 600,000 tons of rice ?

  4. This government is going backwards. They need to put people who knows about rice farming. They took one idiot out from Guysuco and put someone who knows nothing about the industry. They are no better than the other government, putting their friends in position. Remember you only got 4 years.

  5. Most of the board members are your kith and kin. A different set of kith and kin than the old PPP board members.


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