Venezuela’s continued aggression affecting investors’ confidence – iNews Poll

President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro
President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro
President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro

[] – A poll has indicated that the majority of persons believe that Venezuela’s continued aggression towards Guyana its illegal claim of more than 2/3 of Guyana’s territory will have a negative impact on investor confidence.

The Poll conducted by iNews Guyana asked respondents whether they believed that Venezuela’s recent aggression against Guyana affect investors’ confidence.

Out of 385 respondents, 57.9% voted in the affirmative that Venezuela’s actions will affect investor confidence, 38.2% believed that the aggressions will not affect investors’ confidence while a mere 3.9% is undecided on the issue.

Shortly after US oil giant ExxonMobil announced a “significant” oil find, Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro has resurrected a long claim on the Essequibo.

Venezuela has also claimed Guyana’s entire exclusive economic zone including the oil rich waters off the Essequibo coast. However President David Granger has launched a campaign to rally international support for Guyana.

Already the President has managed to amass the support of CARICOM, Commonwealth and the United Kingdom all of whom have denounced Maduro’s claims.

Guyana’s government has said it will continue to pursue a judicial resolution to the controversy with Venezuela, indicating that this issue will be taken to the International Court of Justice.



  1. This will never happen, It was settled by International arbitration and no one wants to open a can of worms, i.e. 1899 borders. E’bo is Guyana and will remain. Venezuela should focus on addressing the welfare of people within its current borders and not seek adventure.

  2. Why?this problem,of land and who own’s what could chavez take a piece of Venezeula with him at his burial?..or sadman hussain, gadaffi,..etcThese stupid men that are called political hijackers are only there to create more and more problems for the people of their nations.They have left GOD out of their governance they make decisions to please themselves and their politiking confederates.But JESUS will change it.Since when man made the earth or the world to determine who has rights to land or borders.Venezeula has so much problems like all others and re still trying to make more problems fr more land…Where is he gonna take it when he too,..will die???foolish men..

  3. Suppose someone stealing, the question arises,
      Does this mean that the duration of that person illegally with stolen constitutes or gives him authority over the stolen ?, because that is not, theft is theft, spend time passes, that owned Venezuelan territory. and there is a gravity has been exploited their wealth looted. Now the pretense is to deepen the looting.
    GOD WILL JUSTICE ON VENEZUELA. Essequibo is and will be VENEZUELA.

  4. Guyana Essequibo is Venezuela, we have our country which is east of the Essequibo river, we must accept that they recover their territory is theirs and as Guyanese citizens agree with Venezuelans.

  5. History is continuous. If every country has to go back then Texas, Arizona, new Mexico, and California will be returned to Mexico and Jamaica to Spain. Calais to England. and Saint Lucia to France.
    Maximum stupidity is this claim and an embarrasment upon the people of Venezuela. People of venezuela are missing a Golden opportunity to grow and be secured in having a neighbor to build with and become a respected nation. Infantile behavior I dare say.

  6. Be that as it may, does the world, US, Russia, UK, etc want’s to reopen 1899 borders? The same argument of being bullied can be made for every change in borders over the past century.

  7. Is necessary that Guyanese people read history. Before guyana independence Venezuela was the small country against the imperial power of united kingdom….the error was not solve the esequibo issue at the moment of the guyana independence and now the rolls turns that Venezuela is the imperial country against guyana small country. So with the Chávez revolution had assistance and help of guyana from venezuela buying the rice that guyaneses produce and receive oil in lower price by the petrocaribe agreement but in spanish cria cuervos y te sacaran los ojos. Chavez helped this people and now with the discovery of oil in the esequibo area guyana hit the table that venezuela give help before. And now this problem between the countrys for oil interest

  8. All decisions of Granger against the border issue with Venezuela , are of a provocative , are not those of a statesman who wants the best for his people. Guyana and Venezuela despite the border dispute had several cooperation agreements and technical assistance , which have already been put on review to be cut . The suspension of flights Caracas -Georgetown CONVIASA used it Guyanese and tourists , that affects neither CONVIASA or Venezuela , Venezuela affects any measure affecting the Guyanese people. Channel solution of the dispute is international law , not the warming of relations , including USA even Granger supported the request .


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