Cuban national admits to overstaying time in Guyana; fined $30,000


IMG-20150727-WA0002[] – A 20-year-old Cuban national has been fined $30,000 on July 27 by Magistrate Ann McLennan for overstaying in Guyana.

Wilfredo Ramirez pleaded guilty to the charge, which stated that between June 15 and July 26 at Georgetown, he failed to comply with conditions, that is to say having been permitted to stay in Guyana during May 15 and June 14, he overstayed his time.

The unrepresented man broke down in tears after the charge was read to him and Police prosecutor Dinero Jones stated that on May 15, Ramirez came to Guyana on vacation and was permitted to stay for one month until June 14.

However, on July 26 Police acting on information went to the Georgetown Public Hospital, where they contacted the defendant. A search was conducted on his person and the passport found on his possession revealed that he overstayed his permitted time.

The national was then arrested and taken to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) Headquarters, where he was later charged with the offence.

When questioned by the Magistrate, Ramirez explained that he came with a one way ticket and was working to accumulate money to go back to his homeland.

The defendant, a security guard in Cuba will receive his passport after paying his fine; however, a default in paying the fine will result in two weeks imprisonment.



  1. I find some one should help him pay the fine thats real unfair all them brazzilians that illegal nd Venezuelans they aint checking them out

  2. All the murder and robbery going on in this country and the police is busy with one man who overstay his time ,the money and time spent on this case could be used to prosecute the real criminals.Guess the security minister has already run out of ideas.

  3. Overstaying One’s VISA Requirements:

    When some foreigner overstays His/Her VISA approval time in another country, that person may have had several reasons for so doing.

    1. He/She may have wanted to stay permanently in that foreign country.

    2. He/She may be seeking political asylum, but does not know how to go about it, and is fearful to make inquiries.

    Especially if He/She does not speak the native language.

    3. He/She has a Sexual Orientation that conflicts with the approval of the mainstream society He/She is from. Or even the laws therein. And is fearful for His/Her life, if He/She returns.

    4. He/She is seeking economic opportunity to enhance or improve His/Her personal livelihood.

    5. He/She may be a FUGITIVE ( which happens sometimes), and is trying to escape the law and justice in His/Her home country.


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