Dr Clive Thomas appointed Chairman of GuySuCo

Dr Clive Thomas
Dr Clive Thomas

[www.inewsguyana.com] – The APNU+AFC government has appointed Dr Clive Thomas to be the Chairman of the ailing Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo), replacing Shaik Baksh.

Dr Thomas is an economist and was recently appointed as the Presidential Adviser on sustainable development, with responsibility for economic matters and the State Asset Recovery Programme.

In the July 24 edition of the gazette, it was noted that cabinet approved the new Board of Directors for a period of one year with effect from July 01, 2015 to June 30, 2016.

Other members on the GuySuCo Board include Dr Anthony Vieira, Seepaul Narine, Earl John, Adrian Anamayah, George Jarvis, Louise Bouyea, nominated representatives from the Opposition PPP and the Attorney General’s Chambers and a Corporate Secretary.

There is currently a Commission of Inquiry (CoI) ongoing to investigate the operations of GuySuCo, which will also be responsible for developing a 15-year plan.

The plan is expected to bring the industry back to profitability to ensure long-term environmental and economic sustainability.

Among the work which will be carried out by the Commission is investigating the current state of cane cultivation, factory operations, and production and marketing of sugar, molasses and other by-products.

Special emphasis will also be placed on human resources, research and development, diversification of the industry, community obligations, weather events, marketing, finance, procurement, factory performance and management.



  1. Excellently said! Sugar is being gradually considered a poison to humans….they need to look at Dr.Oz etc…lol It’s just a next set to enjoy power while it lasts.

  2. He may be academically qualified, but the gentleman does not enjoy the best of health. Such overwhelming responsibilities … I sympathize with him.

  3. From the Good Dr analysis of Guysuco it is very strange that he has taken the job as the chief strategist of a company that he was always highly critical off.
    His exact words were ‘Guysuco has passed the point of no return”, that means that all hopes for a rational considered and ordered reform and construction of the industry is lost … yet he has taken the mantle as if he is the shaman who will rekindle its fortune. What are the perks of a chairman? Raj SIng said he never see so much perks…
    They say politicians make strange bedfellows.
    I see also that Seepaul narine the apologist for the PPP is a board member, that is so strange that i had to laugh real hard. When the pPP was the Don of the day GAWU bluntly refused to sit on Guysuco board.
    Now they know their livelihood (him and Komal ) is on the line they running to sit on the board. Any strategist will tell you that GAWU is part of the problems of Guysuco. GAWU has been so confrontational with management for all of the PPP 23yrs at the helm of Govt, that it was a power unto itself.Well they chickens have come home to roost ….lets see how they will operate and how much strikes will be carried out.
    Dr Thomas you said Guysuco is at the state of post maturity and long term secular decline , it cannot go forward as a viable economic structure…
    WHat you intend to do to make it look viable…Your best option was to stay away given your brilliant analysis.
    Politicians do make strange bed fellow.

  4. “Kith and kin”? Do you even KNOW who Dr. Thomas is? This is not some incompetent ex-president’s son being given a free lunch – this is arguably THE smartest and most qualified economist in Guyana being asked to do something that he is extremely qualified to do!

  5. All that Clive Thomas has done for most of his life is acaddemic research and writing “cut and paste” articles in the Stabroek news.He has no history of creating or managing any business venture muchl ess GUYSUCO which is too big to fail. When it comes to business, it is likely that Clive thomas will fail at even managing a street corner plantain chips stand.

    The composition of this board is one of ethnic triumphalism over the 16,000 east Indian sugar workers.

  6. I always had a lot of respect for Professor Thomas ,that is , until he stunned me with the contention that the previous government siphoned off three hundred billion annually from the economy. Has this once distinguished gentleman suddenly become senile? Maybe I am wrong , but I think Professor Thomas should prove himself by recovering the trillions of state assets he alleged were stolen before being saddled with any other responsibility. As for the great Dr. Anthony Vieira I never knew this gentleman was a DOCTOR in anything. The man is a complete failure in everything! You cannot achieve success if you put a failure to run an ailing business.

  7. Maharanee, if you had an ounce of intelligence and less spite you will be aware that Prof. Thomas as qualifications and experience which are recognised unlike those semi illiterate dim-wits with no qualifications or honorary degrees from no where, that are not recognised by anyone from places were no one has heard from running organisations that they clearly show they are way out of their league….. Maybe selling coconut water from the roadside were more their level

  8. All the best Agriculture brains in Guyana and internationally cannot make Guysuco profitable as a sugar producer, without hefty subsidies . The best they can do is reduce the cost of production on or below the 20.00 mark, which in itself will be some kind of miracle.Therei s a possibilty of a fallow crop, which would both replace nutrient and produce a export crop. If you are interested contact me at—[email protected]. Good luck to you all.

  9. I wish the Professor Thomas every success in the light of the decrease consumption of sugar in the world.!


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