Relatives of murdered male Sex Worker shocked at his demise

The body of the male sex worker.
The body of the male sex worker.

[]The relatives of 34 – year – old Nandkumar Punwassie of 132 Tain on the Corentyne Coast are still at a loss as to what could have led to his brutal demise.

Speaking with iNews on Tuesday afternoon (November 25), his sister Shamdai Punwassie said that they received a call at about 06:00hrs and were informed that the man’s body was found on the road side.

The woman confirmed that he lived two villages from where he was found and that he was engaged in odd jobs in various communities. The family also told iNews that the man was indeed a sex worker.

According to the woman, her brother has no children and was not known to cause any problems with persons in the area where he worked and dwell. She added that when they arrived on the scene this morning, the body of the man was already removed and taken to the morgue.

iNews reported earlier that he body of the male sex worker was discovered along a street in Port Mourant Corentyne, Berbice with suspected marks of violence.

The discovery made early Tuesday morning, November 26. The male of East Indian descent appeared to have been beaten with a piece of wood which was found next to his body. The dead man was identified as Vishaul and goes by the nick name “Darshane.” [Leroy Smith]



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