APNU takes note of theft at NCN


Leader of the APNU, David Granger. [iNews' Photo]
Leader of the APNU, David Granger. [iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com]Following a report carried by iNews in relation to the theft of jewelry and US currency from NCN’s Marketing Manager Raymond Azeeze, the main opposition –  A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) in a statement noted that the perpetrator of the crime should be duly charged and prosecuted.

According to the APNU, Azeeze should not have had his personal belongings at the NCN’s office.

“APNU is of the view that if the property involved in the theft belonged to the state- NCN, then Raymond Azeez should not have had it in his drawer. APNU asserts that if this was the personal property of Mr. Raymond Azeez he should have had it at his home, or somewhere other than his place of employment.”

The Party went on to note that the attitude of the Peoples Progressive Party Civic Government to due regulatory and accounting procedures has created a condition where personnel at NCN feel empowered to break the law and not be penalised.

“The Permessar Report into investigations of irregularities at NCN recommended an audit of the entire system of accounting of assets of that government agency- To date no action has been taken on this,” the APNU said.

The Party further noted that, “The National Assembly voted down a subvention of $81 Million for NCN and yet the government went ahead and spent that money.”

Marketing Manager of NCN, Raymond Azeeze.
Marketing Manager of NCN, Raymond Azeeze.

According to them, “it is APNU’s firm belief, that in this type of environment where employees see high ranking government officials behaving in such a manner, with no respect for the law, they feel justified in acting in a similar manner.”

iNews reported on Monday, November 25 that the money and gold went missing sometime between the first week in November and Monday. According to information received Azeeze last saw the cash and gold about two weeks ago when he added more to the collection.

However, when he attempted to add some more valuables or cash to collection on Monday, he realized everything was gone.

iNews was reliably informed that despite the presence of cameras which monitor almost every angle of the company, there is no footage available to prove who went into the office and removed the items even though the cameras are working.

The total value of the gold and cash is almost $900,000. The Police was informed and investigations continue into the matter.



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