Meten – Meer – Zorg residents lash out at NDC over broken bridge

The deplorable state of the Bridge.
The deplorable state of the Bridge.

[] – Residents of Chateaus Land in Meter-Meer-Zorg, West Coast Demerara are saddled with the burden of improper access to their community. The residents bitterly complained about a broken bridge in the area.

According to them, many complaints were made to the Neighborhood Democratic Council but no one has displayed an interest in their problem.

They noted that children have to cross the bridge on a daily basis and that recently two children fell into the trench.

In addition, no vehicles are allowed to enter that community since the bridge was not built to cater for that.

The residents further claimed that many calls were made for an access road into that community.

They explained that some groundwork was done and residents were forced to pull in their fences to facilitate the construction.

However, at the starting point of the street where the access road would have lead out to, is being occupied by the current chairman of the NDC.

The residents explained that they are now forced to believe that having an access road might be impossible and hence their call for a better bridge.



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