Managers, staff fired from newly opened restaurant


407[] – Managers, kitchen staff, supervisors and other auxiliary staff of the recently open fast food restaurants housed in the 704 building at Albert and Lamaha Streets have been fired.

Within the past three weeks, close to three dozen persons were laid off from Miami Subs and Grill, Papa Pete’s Pizzeria and Dixie Lee. Those three franchises are being operated by the Pomeroon Food and Beverage Inc.

iNews was told by some of the former employees that the excuse given by the management was that the company was not making money and they promised that if sales improved during the Christmas Season, the company would make contact with some of those sent home.

However, in an invited comment, a senior operative of the company confirmed that several persons were sent home. However, the company official debunked the claims made by some of the former employees as to the reason for them being laid off.

The senior official told iNews that what the company really experience was a delay in the opening of its Sports Bar which was initially scheduled to be opened almost two months ago.

However, iNews was informed that the person who was charged with this initiative was involved in an accident in the United States, thus delaying the process.

This online news service was also told that most of the staff sent home, were to be employed by the Sports Bar and having them working in the fast food restaurant was more of an assurance of personnel for the sports bar.

According to the company official, some of those who were sent home will be called back when the sports bar is opened and that is expected to be by the end of December or early January.

With respect to the managers, the official explained that any top brass of the management at the fast food outlet who was sent home was due to their non performance. [Leroy Smith]




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