Prosecutor recuses self from Harding case; Accused Cop saw ‘media operative’ pull knife

Roslyn Tilbury.

By Leroy Smith

Roslyn Tilbury.
Roslyn Tilbury.

[] – Police Prosecutor Sergeant Shelon Daniels today informed the Providence Magistrate’s Court that she will be recusing herself from prosecuting her colleague police officers who are charged with assaulting Colwyn Harding.

The prosecutor told Magistrate Leron Daly that she [Daniels] was asked to submit statements in the matter as part of the investigations in which several ranks from the Timehri Police Station were fingered in the abuse and torture of the young man.

Today, the lawyer for the number two accused [Roslyn Tilbury], Leslie Sobers requested that the prosecution made available to him all the statements which were submitted in the matter so that it can be studied including the statements of those persons who will not be called upon to testify.

Meanwhile, the number one accused, Constable Devin Singh did not have his lawyer present in court today but Sobers told the court that the prosecution did indicate to the Chief Magistrate yesterday that they were ready to go ahead with the case.

Devin Singh sprints up the road after he was released on bail on Tuesday, June 03.
Devin Singh sprints up the road after he was released on bail on Tuesday, June 03.

In explaining why Singh jumped the stairs and fence of the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court yesterday after he was granted bail, Sobers said that Singh someone pulled a knife among the media operatives.

The Court heard that the person who pulled the knife was also holding a camera.

Sobers also told the Court that the matter was reported to the Brickdam Police Station.

The mater will be called again on June 24 for statements and reports. Roslyn Tilbury and Devin Singh were jointly charged with causing actual bodily harm, while Officer Singh was charged with common assault.

Colwyn Harding reported that he was raped by Singh with a police Baton while he was in custody at the Timeheri Police Station in November 2013.