Defunct EZjet operator to start up Airline Service


dynamic airways[] – Dynamic Airways is set to launch its service in Guyana later this week, with new schedule flights from New York and Toronto to be announced soon.

Dynamic Airways is a US registered carrier and is due to be officially launched on Friday, June 06 at Duke Lodge.

Interestingly, Dynamic Airways had helped with the establishment of the controversial and corrupt EZjet airline, which is now extinct.

The US government had shut down the services of EZjet. A US healthcare company sued EZjet and its boss, Sonny Ramdeo for allegedly stealing over US$5.4M and passing some of the monies through the bank accounts of the airline.

EZJet had accused Dynamic Airways of owing over US$1.5M which included a US$800,000 cash security deposit.

In 2012, the company had noted, “EZjet is in the process of seeking legal action against Dynamic Airways for recovery of the sums owing. These outstanding balances, coupled with the poor collection of ticket sales from the travel agencies, have left EZjet in a financial strain.”




  1. The title is extremely misleading… the Guyanese EZJet swindler chartered Dynamic Airways to operate the flights for him. If you want to criticise Dynamic Airways it may be for seizing the same opportunity, not for dishonesty.

    If you rob a bank and two weeks later take a taxi, is the taxi driver dishonest? This is the same situation, Dynamic Airways was simply performing a paid service, the dishonesty is all in the New York Guyanese who started EZJet.

    This operation is Dynamic Airways, and is NOT associated with EZJet.

    Disclaimer – I am simply stating facts, I have nothing to do with either Dynamic Airways or EZJet.


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