Prison Head charged with sexual assault; gives up office

Welton Trotz
Welton Trotz

[] -Director of Prison, Welton Trotz has been ordered to post $100,000 bail after he appeared before Magistrate Fabayo Azore charged with sexual assault committed on a  female junior rank of the Guyana Prison Service.

Trotz, who was unrepresented in court on Thursday, October 22,  pleaded not guilty during the proceedings which was held “in camera”.

He told journalists he would be challenging the charges as he believes that they are trumped up and orchestrated by some persons within and outside of the prison service who wants him out of the system.

He is expected to make his next court appearance on October 27.

As a result of the criminal charge, he has since resigned as Director of Prison, noting  that he did speak with Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan earlier today and among the discussion was the procedures to be followed once he appears in court.

A sexual offense charge is considered criminal and persons charged with the offense, especially those holding public office, would usually come in for pressure from members of the public to vacate their positions. Trotz is one of the few public office holders to have given up his seat immediately after being charged.

The investigation into the matter was ongoing since earlier this year but nothing was said about it by the former Home Affairs Minister or any other top law enforcement officer. The DPP on Wednesday recommended charges for Trotz after the police submitted their file with statements and findings of the investigations.



  1. Another sordid reminder of the Frankensteins that occupy so many positions of public trust yet they all fall prey to their deeper demons and sexual depravities.

    There was a case not too long ago of the late Commissioner of Police – Henry Greene raping a socially vulnerable woman and then being shielded by his political handlers in the PPP regime at the time. Nothing came of this case as far as one can remember.

    Resignation from his post is definitely not enough as this most recent case of ‘sexual harassment’ clearly demonstrates that very little or no professionalism exists in most parts of the disciplined forces ranging from recent examples of the following:

    (A) A home burnt down in Albertown – never mind the fact it was located immediately across from the local fire station. The mute response from the powers that be in the so called Guyana Fire Service being ‘the driver of the fire tender was not on duty as he was off sick so there was no one to drive the fire tender/engine’.

    (B) ‘The Sodomy by Baton Case’ committed by the ranks of the Guyana Police Force at the infamous Timehri Police Gulag upon one Colwyn Harding.

    (C) The pyrotechnic act upon the genitals of a 14 years old young man whilst in police custody at the Leonora Police Station back in 2009, again at the hands of the gangsters of the Guyana Police Force.

    (D) The rape of a male prisoner earlier this week at the Timehri Police Gulag by a police rank and to add insult to injury the prisoner was forced to commit oral sex on the police rank.

    A serious contemplation of all of the above serves to only demonstrate the unparalleled and growing number of sociopaths that abounds across all sectors of Guyanese society – be it in the executive, legislative or judiciary – no one is safe from the ‘Frankensteins or ‘The Jeckyll & Hydes’ in our unsuspecting midst.

    It is time that SASOD, Red Thread, Help & Shelter, The Guyana Human Rights Association and other like minded civic organisations to come together in vociferously renouncing this latest case of official assault upon the vulnerable public.
    We expect President Granger and his team to bring these latest cases of patent human rights abuses to a quick and speedy delivery of justice and to compensate the hapless and often times powerless victims of state assault. Human rights are non-negotiable irrespective of race, colour, creed or class.

  2. Prison Head charged with sexual assault; gives up office.
    Another PNC run institution so not a single Guyanese is surprised.
    NOC same. PNC national service in the past-same.

  3. This is so sad. I know him and he’s been nothing but a gentleman. I trust it all works out … It’s a serious allegation.


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