Billions siphoned off from Transport & Harbours Dept. between 2003/2007

Minister of Public Infrastructure, David Patterson.

By Jomo Paul

Minister of Public Infrastructure, David Patterson.
Minister of Public Infrastructure, David Patterson.

[] – Billions of dollars appear to have been siphoned off from the earnings of the Transport and Harbours Department under the People’s Progressive Party/Civic administration in the years 2003 – 2007.

This was revealed in the Auditor General’s report for the successive years, which amount to hundreds of millions of dollars. The reports were presented in the National Assembly on Thursday, October 22.

Public Infrastructure Minister, David Patterson, reading excerpts from the report indicated that for 2003, the audit of the financial statements disclosed that there was a gross understatement of the department’s income.

In 2003, the amount of $597M was reported as income; however a review by the Auditor General disclosed an income of $639M – a difference of $43M between the actual income and the stated amount.

Again in 2004, the operating income was stated as $332M; however the AG’s report showed an income of $639M – a difference of $307M.

For 2005, the stated amount was $362M with the actual income being $658M; a difference of $295M. The trend continued in 2006 and 2007 with understatements being $317M and $112M respectively. It is a grand total of $1.074B.





  1. All of you PPP uneasy dumb dumb, yo daddy Jagdeo and Donald lost the election, live with it.
    Hey stress kills it even sends some people to the madhouse. By the way the Berbice madhouse still functioning, five long more years to go a lot of you soup drinkers will end up here, come quick we have a lot of space for all of you.
    Hurry and come soup soup

  2. You refer to it as theft. Where is the proof that these funds were in fact stolen? Show me the proof and prove your case then you would be in the right to call it theft. It’s so easy to assume however let’s also assume that the financed were directed to other projects of national concern or interests. Maybe that is why your coalition is reluctant to “put them in jail.” Because they can’t prove s#%+!

  3. Tommy and DK , Your comments seems to be coming from empty heads or rather brains the size of a black eye pea.. or split pea… They are abidingly foolish and full of unfounded hate . You guys seems to be living in a deep hole : It will make no sense to reason with you to crawl out , you don’t have the capacity to understand .

  4. Are they trying to sway the attention away from their fat pay increases. This Defacto Government can only fluff around the Guyanese public. Were they placed there to look after they people or going after ex Ministers for fraud/corruption???? Something they can substantiate to date.

  5. Mr. Minister, when will you guys fired all them permanent secretaries , these guys are the accounting officers for the minietries where all these skulldugery happening. I hope they delay in firing them is not because they are black.

  6. It appears that the Coalition is hesitant to bring the members of the previous administration to justice for whatever reason, or they are simply paralyzed. Would it be protocol to summon intervention by the International Court of Justice to investigate and prosecute this bunch of corrupt and dishonest people. The Coalition Government does not need me to make this suggestion as I’m certain that they are aware of what they are able to do. What are they waiting for? This theft from the taxpayers is unconscionable.

  7. Billions siphoned off from Transport & Harbours Dept. between 2003/2007
    All Guyanese know that there are PNC run institution.
    City Hall a PNC run institution
    So no Guyanese are shocked at the corruption


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