Venezuela writes Guyana Goldfields over mining in Guyana

Aurora Gold Mines (Guyana Goldfields)

By Jomo Paul

President David Granger addresses Parliament.
President David Granger addresses Parliament.

[] – Venezuela’s Ambassdor to Ottowa has written to the Chief Executive Officer of a Guyana-based Canadian company – Guyana Goldfields – warning the CEO against its mining operations in a part of Guyana that is being claimed by Venezuela.

This was revealed by Guyana’s President, David Granger during an address to the Parliament on Thursday, October 22.

The President stated that on October 13, Venezuela’s Ambassador to Ottawa Wilmer Barrientos wrote CEO Scott Caldwell, warning him against the company’s operations in Region 7 (Cuyuni-Mazaruni) of Guyana.

The letter warned that the opening of the gold mine would be: “infringing on the territorial sovereignty of Venezuela and committing unlawful actions which could incur legal consequences. As such, you are hereby fully given notice of the respective legal actions that could herein occur.”

Aurora Gold Mines (Guyana Goldfields)
Aurora Gold Mines (Guyana Goldfields)

“The Ottawa letter reflects the approach adopted by the late President Hugo Chávez Frias during his state visit to Guyana in February 2004. He told the press plainly that his administration would have no objection to everyday infrastructure works such as roads, water and electricity that directly enhance the lives of residents,” Granger emphasized.

He said that Venezuela’s claim that Guyana is an aggressor defies logic and plain common sense.

“Venezuela’s fear is that, once a juridical process could prove that its contention that the Arbitral Award of 1899 was a nullity was proven to be baseless, its fifty-year strategy of attrition aimed at gaining territory from Guyana stands in jeopardy of the prospect of collapse, the President noted.

In relation to the Suriname border issue, the President made it clear that there has been no clarification on what the recent statements by Suriname’s Desi Bouterse imply.

Guyana, in view of the fact that there is at present a mechanism for addressing this matter, is willing to continue a bilateral discourse with the Government of Suriname on the matter of that country’s claims.  That discourse, however, must be grounded on the principles of mutual respect and a repudiation of the use of force, he stated.

Despite these developments, President Granger is pushing for peace to prevail advocating for “peaceful and expeditious solution,” to the issues.



  1. What has this new government done so far? All I read is how the past government correcupation I am so sick of it, this is another Burnham style government

  2. Well said ..these dictators would be hard to move ..the got the rigging machine fully oil and working well.. All of Gecom is on the apnc side

  3. When the PPP weren’t going to parliament u an the rest of the pnc cabal..was singing a different they r going u singing another tune…u sound 100% like a pnc idiot..

  4. Sir i would like you to pick sence out of nonesence if as yourself and others clamed that the abc countries removed the ppp/c from power and they sre the ones help them get into power how in heaven’s are they going to get back in power do you see where i am coming from sir

  5. Why is the PPP/C going to Parliament?

    Maybe they are going for the $1.7 M food? The PPP/ Civic claimed that they were

    cheated by GECOM and the CEO who also refused to have a confirmation recount.

    So GECOM determined who is the Government and who is the opposition and not

    the electorate. Since a Government has been formed then I proposed the

    following should be the opposition and not the PPP/C.

    1. The American Ambassador, the British and Canadian High Commissioners.

    2. GECOM Staff and the CEO who should be the Opposition leader and

    Lowenfield, the Arithmetic Man, his shadow finance minister.

    3. Carter Center who sent the Old Man home because they had knowledge of

    what was about to transpire at the GECOM office.

    4. Those in Canada and the USA who were raising money for the APNU/AFC.

    I am sure one will able to find 32 candidates from the above groups.

    Going to parliament with the PNC in control is a waste of time. Between 1968 and

    1985 the PNC rigged all the elections and ran the country how they saw fit and

    there was nothing the PPP was able to do about it. The PPP should remember

    that the PNC controls the POLICE and Army which can and will be used to subdue

    all oppositions.

    I think the PPP/C should really think hard. At this time it is better to be out of

    Parliament than in even this mean for the next 5 years.

    PS chandue


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