PPP polling agents allegedly beaten; APNU+AFC being blamed

Former President, Bharrat Jagdeo (left)

By Fareeza Haniff

Former President, Bharrat Jagdeo addresses the press conference
Former President, Bharrat Jagdeo addresses the press conference

[www.inewsguyana.com] – As it calls for peace to prevail in the country, the People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) is alleging that several of its polling agents were beaten, threatened and held ‘hostage’ at several locations on Monday evening.

Executive Member of the Party, former President Bharrat Jagdeo told a 2:30hrs news conference at Freedom House on Tuesday that there are people now living in fear of being harmed and as such it lays the blame solely at the feet of the APNU+AFC coalition.

“We have just managed to extract some of our polling agents from very sticky situations where they were threatened, they were fearful for their lives and some were even beaten,” Jagdeo said.

He noted that the Party’s members Priya Manickchand and Dharamkumar Seeraj were held hostage in the building at Belladrum in the Mahaica-Berbice by a “mob that was instigated.”

The former President also noted that the driver of Julian Burton was beaten in Paradise, East Coast Demerara and the vehicle was overturned in a canal.

“We had polling agents who were trapped there…people are fearful for their lives,” Jagdeo said.

He pointed to the unrest in several parts of Georgetown, noting that it was orchestrated to “undermine the integrity of the poll and to mar the entire elections process and the People’s Progressive Party lays the blame solely at the feet of the APNU+AFC coalition.”

The former President made reference to several statements made by APNU+AFC members, including its Presidential Candidate, David Granger and Raphael Trotman in the lead up to elections, which he said is responsible for the unrest in the capital city.

These issues he said were brought to the attention of the international observers in Guyana who are monitoring the elections.



  1. Are we reading the same results or are you another Jagdeo? He is the reason the PPP did not get the votes they anticipated. Right now Ramotar is the happiness man around as he was just the figurehead; Jagdeo wants to protect his 3million pension.

  2. Is highlighting the negatives and the ordeal of colleagues, troublemaking? Let’s drop the prejudice and bias and concentrate on the will of the people unfolding; and also try and change this culture of violence and close-mindedness. Let the true voice of the Guyanese people come through not the loud armchair ones in the diaspora. Whoever is elected let’s accept it and let him and his team truly lead all Guyanese without discrimination – a new page really.

  3. he is not just a simple liar … he’s a genius at fabricating and engineering situations to make his opponents look satanic and he is the messenger of wrongful death …

  4. This guy Bharat is a sad and pathological liar. He lies at the drop of a hammer. Is he trying to incite racial disharmony in his attempt to call off the electoral process. WATCH HIM. Kwame was escorted out of the polling place by David Granger and Harmon (without a visible scratch) now he is in the hospital. In the hospital for what? Some people can see through your lies Bharat. You are an embarrassment, the whole world is watching and listening.

  5. Hopefully these claims by Jadgeo can be verified by the police reports, since he lies with ease it’s hard to believe anything he says.

  6. Sincere patriotic Guyanese who take the time to compare the results per division in Region 4 for 2011 vs 2015 as was properly declared will see that the PPP/C has actually improved its votes in a number of those non traditional divisions and the combined PNC/AFC has declined in some …very very revealing….
    Haters don’t make Bharat Jagdeo the subject of your venom….get with the program of the results as it is unfolding …. it is time to continue building, developing and not sow seeds of destruction. The actions of the PNC activists has once again cast a negative and destructive characteristic and methodology.
    This can be traced back to the 1960’s irrespective what Granger tries to invoke and distort history.
    Voters seem to have voted against the combined opposition !!!!
    They saw the misuse of the majority in parliament… the lies… the deceipt !!!

  7. How the hell is the opposition to be blamed, the opposition did not send
    The people to do what they did, so jagdeo put you mouth right, every thing that happened you blaming
    The opposition.

  8. U guys really are obsessed with him aren’t you? Lmfao. If only he had the time to give a shit. Haters have to hate.

  9. Why is this detested man always outshining the supposed president? Like Kwame, you are a troublemaker and for this reason should lay low!


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