Ballot Boxes to be escorted by Armed Forces


By Tracey Khan – Drakes

Presidential Candidate of the APNU+AFC, David Granger and other executives at the press conference. [iNews' Photo]
Presidential Candidate of the APNU+AFC, David Granger and other executives at the press conference. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – The APNU+AFC Opposition Coalition says during a meeting with the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) on Monday evening, the issue of the smooth and timely movement of ballot boxes, Statement of Polls (SOPs) and related materials from polling stations to the District Electoral Offices were the main focus.

The delay in GECOM announcing results has to do with the fact that its agents were unable to access the ballot boxes and SOPs at some polling stations,
following unrest at several locations, where some residents announced that they were “guarding” the ballot boxes.

During a press conference at the coalition’s headquarters on Tuesday morning (May 12), Presidential Candidate of the APNU+AFC, David Granger said GECOM was able to brief them on an, “intended procedure to be utilized for the removal of these important documents and election materials that are necessary for the timely and credible declaration of results.”

This process includes working jointly with the Guyana Police Force in an effort to ensure the smooth and safe flow of the ballot boxes particularly at the polling stations which have experienced some “degree of difficulty to provide the residents in the affected communities with the assurance that their votes are being protected and secured.”

The procedure agreed between GECOM and the Coalition states that the ballot boxes and statements of poll will be collected in clearly identifiable vehicles accompanied by a police vehicle and will be transported to GECOM along with GECOM officials and party polling agents.

Brigadier Granger also called for the earliest completion of the balloting process and speedy declaration of verifiable results of the May 11 polls.

“In this regard APNU+AFC is kindly asking concerned members of the public to cooperate in ensuring that this process is smoothly conducted in the best interest of the early declaration of the much awaited results of the elections.”

He also expressed concerns over attempts by “identifiable elements of the PPP to disrupt the smooth flow of the recovery of information that is necessary for the official declaration of the results.”

“APNU+AFC calls on all parties to conduct themselves honorably and in the best interest of peace and stability of the nation and not to engage in any act or behavior which will prevent GECOM from doing its work or which will excite or incite the public to frustrate the process.”

Granger reiterated his calls for their supporters to remain calm and not give in to distractions that will lead to the delaying of the elections result.




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