Sophia Update: 6 vehicles torched, persons injured from rubber pellets


By Jomo Paul

Sophia 4[] – Thick billows of dark smoke permeated the air, men, women and children violently rampaged through the streets as vehicles burned and police officers stood doing nothing as unrest boiled over in the streets of ‘C’ Field Sophia on the evening of Monday May 11.

Broken glass littered the road, three roadblocks made of debris and one made from a nearby caravan blocked the road from being accessed by vehicles.

Molotov cocktails (Channa bombs) were thrown at homes, and nearby cars and stables burnt as the angry mob of residents demanded justice and “ballot boxes.”Sophia 2

Persons gathered with clothes wrapped around their faces in an attempt to filter the air they inhaled and at the same time protect their identities as they carried on with their rampage into the dead of night.

The residents attacked the house of Pastor Narine Khublall and burned his vehicle following a rumour that he conducted an illegal polling station at his residence.

Since about 17:00hrs on May 11, a crowd of persons had stormed his residence.

Sophia 1iNews however understands that while the situation boiled down after some amount of intervention by local law enforcement, it escalated to a tipping point after a resident of a nearby home came out and fired several shots into the air in an attempt to disperse the growing mob of people.

However, the actions did the exact opposite and sent the crowd into a rage. It was then that the torching of vehicles started along with failed attempts to burn the man’s house.Sophia 3

Albeit unsuccessful, the mob thrived on burning several more vehicles in their fiery rage. The vehicles burned included a motorbike two Prado luxury SUVs, one Bluebird and three other motor cars.

The resident did not stop there as they turned their anger towards two nearby stables with a small home close to it, burning those to the ground.

The Guyana Fire Service was summoned; however when they arrived they were forced to retreat as they were subjected to the rage of the residents.

The small amount of officers that were present at the scene at that time were basically helpless and did nothing to thwart the actions of the residents fearing that they too would be attacked or the situation would spiral further out of control.

Even when reinforcement of more than 25 officers arrived there was nothing that the police could have done to stop the crowd which had reached it hundreds.

The residents proceeded to storm the home of the People’s Progressive Party/Civic supporter which houses a church.

When the police attempted an intervention at this point they failed miserably as more vehicles were burnt in an utterly blatant manner by the residents and when the fire did not do them justice, they resorted to the use of their bare hands stripping a Nissan Bluebird of its seats and some electrical apparatus.

Several warning shots fired into the air by the police officers failed to do anything to disperse the crowd but rather incensed them as they were convinced “the police can’t shoot we.”

It was only after close to thirty members of the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) arrived on the scene hours after the burning had begun that the crowd diffused.
The residents were seemingly happy with the presence of thee GDF as they disbanded on instruction but did not return to their homes as they stood uneasily behind a GDF cordon.

As the crowd parted many persons surfaced with injuries alleging that they were shot with rubber bullets by police officers, an allegation that iNews has been unable to verify.

When iNews left the scene as the clock struck time to Tuesday May 12, the joint services had managed to cordon off the area but the residents still looked on pensively.




  1. There is no logics behind all this nonsense. Some ppl are just so ignorant that their ignorance gets the better of them. All they needed was a push. Which party pushed these ppl or encouraged ppl to do this? Only one answer! Ppl don’t see that they setting the wrong example and the party involved takes themselves clean out. Are these the ppl we want to run Guyana? Ppl need to clean their eyes….at the end of the day Grainger still getting his fat salary from the govt and living like a king while his peasants kill each other for nothing.

  2. I guess some of you here still see race instead of what is right or wrong. Or on the other hand you are comfortable with the bullshit that you are scare of change. But keep in mind change is good whereas being racial is other thing and being a Guyanese we all custom to being around a Afro Guyanese or an Indian Guyanese what change? Or is it just a act? Most or not all of my friends are the opposite of me and when I look at them I don’t judge or love them any different. Point being at the end of this election we all still have our lifes to live we still need to work to provide foods so why is it all this hate and blame is here.

  3. Did the APNU force or tell the people to do that? They did it because shots were fired on them. You people need to realize that anyone answer to their own action. The APNU have nothing to do with how the people acted. SMH

  4. When the presedent call the slain and lone picketer a nuisance for exercising his democratic rights did you call him out in that when jagdeo was preaching kick down door politics did you say anything. There is no need for people to take the law in there hands they should be dealt with by the law IT IS DOWNRIGHT WRONG ,I CONDEMN THAT BEHAVIOR

  5. “the PPP could not care less about the people and the country”.. did the PPP supporters do the above…. were the PPP supporters part of the mob that burn vehicles and ppl property….. look get a life right… condemn the above because it the APNU supporters that did the above not the PPP.

  6. Nagamootoo is coming. He came and went. He do not care a dog doo doo about you. He fooled you idiots once again.
    Wim people are so freaking dumb!

  7. Tht is the change we are to expect from these ppl .. Its a shame some guyanese are so blind …!

  8. Say it again! This is what they know to do best besides stripping and pissing in the streets. Can you imagine Guyana 1year from now if it takes them so long to destroy this place should they be given a chance? ? Definitely everyone else other than those cockroaches will have to leave this country.

  9. Where is the condemnation from the opposition coalition??? This total and utter slackness on the part of the opposition coalition, that they would condone these acts of violence is tantamount to dereliction of their duty! What a shameful display by the opposition and its supporters!

  10. With the racist campaign, contempt and goading by the PPP top ranking members, did anyone expect anything else. Just take for example Rohee and his “single digit salute”.

    This election campaign led by Jagdeo has set Guyana another 40 years back in terms of racial unity. However, the PPP could not care less about the people and the country. Power means everything.

  11. I have been logging in to inewsguyana all morning searching in vain for a statement from alteast one member from the combined opposition to issue a statement condemning the riotous behaviuor of their supporters.
    Yesterday’s statement by Raphael Trotman encouraging their supporters to guard ballot boxes certainly did not mean burning and looting but it did inflame a volatile situation. Mr Granger’s advice prior to polling day, did nothing to prevent this happening. It all boils down to what the opposition wanted; to drive fear into to vast majority of the population who it is hoped wolud not be tempted to retaliate.


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