PPP calls on law enforcement to safeguard integrity of election process


See below a statement issued by the PPP/C:

Sophia 2The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) forthrightly condemns the willful torching of two buildings and two vehicles in Sophia by a mob who openly voiced their allegiance to the Opposition. One of the buildings and the vehicles belong to a supporter of the PPP. Information reaching Freedom House indicate that earlier in the day the Party supporter was wrongfully accused of electoral infractions by members of the mob.

It was also reported that following the accusations earlier in the day, a senior member of the Opposition alliance visited the area and eventually noted that nothing illegal had transpired. It therefore now becomes worrying that a mob, with its loyalty to the coalition, would resort to such violence putting many lives at risk. Such incidents must be condemned by all.

Guyana’s electoral history is replete with these incidents which must be laid squarely at the doorstep of the Opposition. In this regard, the PPP calls of the Leader of the APNU-AFC alliance, Rt. Brig. David Granger, and its Prime Ministerial Candidate, Moses Nagamootoo, to condemn these acts of violence and to have their supporters cease their actions. These violent acts are against the tenets of democracy and create unwanted instability in our country.

As the polls closed earlier, the PPP would like to note how pleased it is with the turnout of its supporters. Our Party takes this opportunity to express its gratitude to the many thousands who came out and stood for long periods to exercise their democratic right to cast a vote. Their patience is testimony to their belief in a progressive Guyana and to sustain the strides made under the PPP government.

While our Party is please in this regard, it must note its disappointment at the unprofessional discharge of duties by some GECOM staff in some areas up to this point. This is totally unacceptable and those officers who chose not to operate in a professional manner must be condemned and must answer for their transgression. Our Party recognizes that while some operated in an unacceptable manner, many other GECOM staff performed admirably and must be commended for their professionally discharge of duties.

Now that the counting phase is underway, the PPP is extremely concern over the many reports received of aggressive behavior by Opposition elements who have surrounded some polling stations. We believe that this is a calculated attempt by the Opposition to intimidate our election agents in an effort to compromise the counting process. Our Party calls on GECOM and the law enforcement agencies to act accordingly to protect the integrity of these elections and to ensure the safety of those involved.

The PPP calls on its supporters to remain calm but remain vigilant to safeguard the process. Additionally, our Party will continue to follow up with GECOM concerns it raised earlier. Among those are reported cases of duplicate voting, a deliberate slow pace of the voting process by some election day staff, voting by imposters and the intimidation of voters in some areas.

As our country awaits the results of these elections, we urge and reiterate that all involved must act in a responsible manner so that in the end, democracy in Guyana will prevail. We demand that the international observers must remain vigilant as the process is far from completion.



  1. PPP/C and APNU/AFC must jointly work harmoniously together to establish law and order during this electoral process.

    The Police and the GDF must be deployed to prevent violence and establish peace at all Regions.

  2. No matter who win everyone still have to work to live. So this behavior will not charge the result just go with it and move on people


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