Houses, vehicles on fire in Sophia

The Pastor's vehicle on fire in front his house.
The scene at Sophia.
The scene at Sophia.

[] – iNews Guyana has been able to confirm that residents of ‘C’ Field Sophia have torched a two buses in front of the home of Pastor Narine Khublall, following a rumor that he conducted an illegal polling station at his residence.

The residents reportedly burned the Pastor’s vehicle which was parked on the roadway; his house is also reportedly on fire, while another building on the opposite side was also completely burnt.

Police have fired several warning shots but the crowd has refused to disperse while the fire service has been prevented from entering the community.

The Pastor's vehicle on fire in front his house.
The Pastor’s vehicle on fire in front his house.

Earlier in the day iNews Guyana had reported that the residents were attempting to storm the home of Khublall and ignoring calls from politicians for peace. There is major chaos in the community at the moment.

A fire tender has been dispatched and officers are on the scene. iNews Guyana Journalist Jomo Paul is also present and will provide an update shortly.



  1. i applaud this statement. we need to live together as one. What example we are showing our youths. I think we all want the same thing progress and we should respect each other.Let God be in charge.

  2. What profit them by carrying out this act of violence it only give them the name CRIMINALS!

  3. De danger using them like poppet on a string…and he on the back looking like he hands all clean….these people need to learn

  4. Them nah even get money to buy buckta….wah them go change….oh wait, they will thief someone draz

  5. Polling places are identified weeks before E – Day and voters list are placed there for voters to check for their names,how is it even possible for an illegal polling place to exist on E – Day. Gecom official as well as observers from the various political parties contesting the elections and other organisations from abroad would have to be there also Police. Would not the observers observed that there exists a polling place which is not on GECOM List of Polling places?

  6. Where does all these polatation family live who Is to for power most of them live in the us the r a bunch of thief from barrat to all the PPP rats

  7. It really doesn’t matter who win, everyone will still need to work and eat and live the same damn life that they are living. Elections are just formality everywhere….Iraq is worse than it was, everyone thought that they were helping the people…and look what happen.

  8. Dear God please let the police and army men and women have the balls to shoot these people. Not with rubber pellets but with real bullets. Get rid of these …I don’t think there is any word that can describe you SPAWNS OF SATAN!!!!!!!!

  9. Why Guyanese so backward, the Politician are one family, all they need is power, and regardless who win they share their win with each other. But we the Guyanese people are the fools to fight among ourselves. It is only election time that we the Guyanese people are divided and the Politicians responsible for this.

  10. Yes you are right in a manner but other countries suffer the same at the fate of their own kind……but like i said you have a country that is breeding rodents with no proper education, no proper upbringing there will be illiteracy, poverty and no moral,,,,,,have you seen an infestation of rats?

  11. With Politics, Religion and sexuality they will always be tension, disagreement and inequality. It all comes down to this GOD can never please mankind and so they can’t themselves. We live amongst monsters in the form of human skin. I donot know what GOD was thinking when he made some of them. But it is all siad and done it is our mind and mentality towards the world we live in and how we treat other and think of other. If a country is breeding rodents with little literacy thats what you will get….illiteracy and poverty with no morals. We need a change indeed but at what cost and will we get elevated? Each and everyone intents are for their own worldly prospect and yet the innocent and poor will suffer. Race it what divide us and it will always in mankind minds no matter how some try to blend in and mix…. those were wrong to torch and assault the individuals who were unfortunate to have bear such demise…..BUt it is hell we live in with rodents who has no proper judgment and morals so this shit will continue on and on…..just need to get to a better place…hoping there is one!

  12. Moses has gone in search of the promised 11% and got lost somewhere around region 4 and 5 or 6. Could it be he is looking for his buddy and drink mate Ramjattan?
    As for the others, it is difficult to say

  13. Unfortunately, your referred to “when they rioted in the european countries ” before analysing the circumstances which triggered the “riots”. The circumstances are completely different from the Guyana scenario and so completely irrelevant. That also includes your referring to India and the Arab countries.
    The “They” the poster referred to did not mention race or ethnicity but is clearly meant without any vagueness, opposition supporters. You are the one who injected racism into comment and clearly demonstrated who is the racist.

  14. How could they have peace when there is no jisticie?if a man is caught having an illegal polling station then he should bear the consequences he is playing with people’ lives n could affect the outcome for the next 5 years .But I don’t agree that u should burn him out however that is an expression of grave injusticc.

  15. Lol…..’they’…??..who is ‘they’….???…your comment sounds jst as dumb and ignorant as your grammer and choice of words reflect u are…needless to say racist…when they roited in the european countries…burn cars and fight police…were they your same ‘they’???….when those people in the arab countries and india protested violently….were they your same ‘they’..??…you Mr.Campbell should exit your little narrow tunnel and get a wider perspective and a greater understanding about protests and struggles and all said…whilst not justifying what ‘they’ have done…u may find theat ‘they’are not alone…wake up…one love..

  16. Hey folks, love more, hate less. Guyana is home to all of us, let us rebuild this beautiful country we call home, if we don’t. .who should? (“One people, one nation , one destiny”) peace to my people regardless of your race, we are all one. “Guyanese!!” From inspector moore n.y.c.t

  17. No matter who win everyone still have to work to live. So this behavior will not charge the result just go with it and move on

  18. The out of control Monsters created by APNU and supported by AFC, are now feulled by rumours and hate against innocent civilians who just happened to live in an area dominated by PNC. It is only the beginning of the destruction and violence. Just wait until the results are declared and the PPP/C remains in power.
    The statements made by senior figures in the opposition camp give a clear indication of things to come. Prayers as suggested by CIOG maybe too late. What is being done by the security forces to combat this form of terrorism? When will they put into action all the plans after all the training they went through?

  19. Results not our yet and jagdeo is being proven right. Doors already getting kicked down

  20. These mofos only destroying the country, you can NEVER hear they do anything constructive…

  21. This is exactly why Guyana is in the position it finds itself. It’s sad in this day and age. Obviously your leaders are from among you.. If you guys are going to burn you will never prosper. Where are you Granger?

  22. We r all guyanese together please live with love no matter which political party wins we still hav to work hard to maintain our family

  23. Lets hear now from the likes of Alvin Kallicharan, Samad Baksh et al. These are the (wonderful) changes of unity and peace? How about hearing from (prophet) Moses and Seeta and the honorable Mr. Roopnaraine?

  24. I’m a 100% change but I’m against this. weather this ppp supporter try thieving like how all of them does it, this is not rite I condemn this, this is not the change we want we need a piece full change, those folks gone way out of the boundary

  25. This kind of behavior, Guyana will never move forward no matter which political party rules. Sad.

  26. The question for you Mr. Javed, did this man of god held an illegal polling station at his home?

  27. Well Granger:
    You told them to stay awake until you are installed as President. You should have spoken to people not animals.

  28. like that javed , the looking for a excuse , when the lost , like the smelling the get beat .. lol . just accept that the result and let Guyana develop …

  29. This is really a sad day when persons allow themselves to be misled like this. It is not doimg any good for the cause.


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