First set of election results to be published tonight

One of the polling stations on the East Coast Demerara. [iNews' Photo]

Chief Elections Officer Keith Lowenfield. [iNews' Photo]
Chief Elections Officer Keith Lowenfield. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – Chief Elections Officer, Keith Lowenfield says after 12 hours of continuous balloting, all polling stations closed at 18:00 hours.

Reporting on the process to the media this evening, the CEO said the process went smoothly across the country. He said the few incidents of alleged irregularities are being investigated by the police.

At the moment, counting of the ballots is underway and according to the CEO, Statement of Polls (SOP) will start coming in to the GECOM command centre, tonight.

Once the SOPs are verified, preliminary results will be published, beginning tonight, around 23:00 hours. SOPs will continue to arrive at GECOM’s command centre throughout tonight and into tomorrow from the far flung regions.

Balloting was done at a total of 2299 places of poll and according to Lowenfield, results should be published, at least, every two hours. [Radha Motielall]



  1. And the lord said, “let there be light” after He created this world. As a child of God let me say “let the Coalition win the national election in Guyana and let the land prosper there after.”

  2. Peace Love & Unity for all Guyanese.
    Together we stand divided we fall. Let us all look toward the goodness the winning party can bring and do with great accomplishment for the people of Guyana.
    Peace & Love.

  3. I am very proud as a Guyanese that finally people has seen the need to be peaceful. We have been praying around the clock and I know God’s hand is upon this country. We have went through the worst situations in Guyana in the 1980’s & unwards but we are fighters & we have survived through vast migrations & trade. May the Right Party win & more so do Good for the future of the Nation. God Bless Guyana.


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