Police tried to deal ‘quietly’ with missing $8 Million; Sergeant arrested



By Leroy Smith

guyana-police-force-badge[www.inewsguyana.com] – The Guyana Police Force was trying to deal with the issue of the misappropriation of more than $8 million from its Leonora Police Station Finance Office quietly but that was thwarted by media reports.

iNews was informed that Police Sergeant Suban, who has been heading the finance office for years in the Police D Division was about to be posted to another location within the same division when the information was leaked to the media forcing the administration of the force to place him under close arrest.

According to reliable information reaching iNews, the man served the finance office under four different Commanders and might also be fingered in the abuse of ordering fuel refills from a particular gas station for several vehicles which are not registered to the Guyana Police Force.

Persons who are familiar with the Sergeant revealed that numerous efforts by a businessman in Region 3 to meet with recently appointed Commander Ian Amsterdam to share the information were prevented by ranks at the Police Station.

iNews was reliably informed that the businessman requested to see the Commander after he became alarmed at the number and type of vehicles the Sergeant sent to a particular gas station to be fueled up.

Sources close to the police rank said he made attempts to repay the money while the Force considered posting him as a Community Liaison Officer in the Division.

He has now been arrested and expected to be charged shortly.




  1. once they are allowed to build their nest they roost…they get fat financially…once they are relocated kaboom they cant roost…move them around every so often without notice..let them quit the job if they want..do it at the airport too..once they show up for work…without notice shift them around…take their cell phones once their shift starts…you will see how they get cold sweat knowing their accomplice coming with a suitcase full of drugs but they will have to deal with someone else..
    why do you think loud music is a deadly plague in guyana??? its because of police…once police is paid off they become deaf they become blind but most of all they become lame and disabled when the call is made about noise nuisance


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