Police locate hijacked car on ECD



By Leroy Smith

police feature image

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Residents on the East Coast of Demerara today alerted the police to a suspicious looking car parked in the vicinity of Foulis Old Road not too far from where businessman Rajendra Singh was kidnapped and later found murdered in the Le Repentir Cemetery.

Police ranks immediately responded to the call and when they arrived at the scene, the Fielder Wagon was left abandoned in the area and the two occupants who were earlier seen inside were nowhere to be found.

Checks by the police later revealed that the very car was hijacked from Taxi Driver, Linden Graham on Emancipation night [August 01] by three men who had joined his vehicle under the pretext of hiring the car.

While the men neared their destination in Ruimveldt, one of them placed an object to the back of the man’s head and ordered that he stop the vehicle and hand it over to them; the man complied and the trio fled in the car.

Today when the vehicle was recovered, the number plates were swapped.

It was the victim’s driver license which was still in the vehicle that led investigators on the East Coast of Demerara to ascertain the owner of the vehicle.



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