Pensioner found murdered in Plaisance home

Dead: Ann Mendonca


By Leroy Smith

Dead: Ann Mendonca
Dead: Ann Mendonca

[] – Ann Mendonca, a pensioner of Lot 41 Prince Williams Street Plaisance, East Coast Demerara was discovered murdered in her home by neighbours, her hands and feet bound and her mouth taped on Friday, August 08.

The discovery was made around 22:00 hours, after friends realised that the 57 – year – old woman did not show up for the usual ‘lime’ in front of her house.

Mendonca lived with her son. One woman at the scene told iNews that she made contact with Mendonca’s son at his workplace to inquire about his mother’s whereabouts, and shortly after, it was observed that the woman’s back door was opened.

Two persons decided to check when they discovered a ransacked house. They then made the gruesome discovery of the elderly woman lying tied and motionless on the bed, with a pillow over her face.

The house where the incident occurred. [iNews' Photo]
The house where the incident occurred. [iNews’ Photo]
Persons in the area immediately telephoned the police who responded almost one hour later despite the close location of the police station to the home where the body was discovered.

Police are working on the theory that the act might have been committed by persons from the very area, who are familiar with the woman and her movements.



  1. police too busy…why disturb police..police cant be bothered who get kill…citizens must learn not to disturb police..its guyana police you dealing with people..


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