Over 3000 traffic violations caught on CCTV

Vice President and Minister of Public Security, Khemraj Ramjattan during the launch of the Suicide Prevention Hotline. [iNews' Photo]
Minister Public Security, Khemraj Ramjattan
Minister Public Security, Khemraj Ramjattan

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Close to 99 percent of over 3,100 traffic violators are facing prosecution by the Guyana Police Force Traffic Department after violations were caught on CCTV cameras, Minister of Public Security, Khemraj Ramjattan has revealed.

Addressing the launch of road safety month at the Arthur Chung Convention Centre at Liliendaal on November 4, 2015, Minister Ramjattan assured that the ministry has been doing its best to ensure there is a reduction of these violations.

He revealed that the Ministry early this year, commenced a new development, whereby the CCTV cameras around the City are being used to catch those committing traffic crimes.

According to Minister Ramjattan, to date, these cameras have captured over 3,100 offences. He said that almost 99 percent of these violators have pleaded guilty and are in the courts.

“They are pleading guilty because they cannot get away from the fact that it is them on the cameras,” he said.

Road fatalities however, remain high, the Minister noted, pointing out that this is because the CCTVs are just in some streets in Georgetown. He noted however that the ministry, as part of its longer term effort, will be putting in place CCTV cameras in all the city streets.

During his short speech, the Minister also lauded the effort of the National Road Safety Council for pushing the agenda of road safety in Guyana. He however noted that whilst the NRSC will do its parts with support from central government, road safety is everyone’s responsibility.

He pointed out that to a large extent the damage and the destruction that are caused by road accidents are as a result of that deficiency in individual responsibility. [Extracted and modified from GINA]



  1. Can someone take RUMJATTAN on a NORTH AMERICA TOUR when he is sober and educate him how Cameras are used on the roads to avoid accidents/speeding/running red lights? I do not think this guy have any education at all the way he speaks and make decisions….he seem like a dictator not a leader….things has to go his way or the highway….Cameras are installed with warning signs telling the public that cameras are installed 100 meters ahead on the intersections they are about to approach. The street lights that has cameras has to be INSTALLED with proper warning signals to alert the driver if it is safe to go or stop….Most of these cases that Ramjattan is making against people can be WON by the local citizen but because of his directorship style, the judges are being instructed what to do….HOW DO U CALL THIS DEMOCRACY? Hope the people of Guyana is observing carefully.

  2. RUMJATTAN needs help…Installing Cameras to catch a few people breaking traffic laws and sucking the money out the hard working people pocket to full the ministers pockets! Why this clown cannot think of a way to reduce thieves? Robberies? Killings? Wait….he has no plan! The only plan he has is a battery operated lightning plan that is about to blow up! I do not see this guy having any brain what so ever…at one time he was thinking to arm fishermen with firearms….fishermen who are totally un-educated and drunkard like him with GUNS! The second move….blame crime spree on alcohol drinking! Are the thief man them drunk when robbing people? Can someone explain this to the fools! PPP will destroy them in the next elections because the ones who voted for them are feeling the pressure of scams already….

  3. CCTV to catch traffic violators who will have to pay a fine but NOT to catch Murdering Criminals.
    The New PNC Regime desperatley need money to replinish the Guyana treasury since it has LOOTED all of the funds !

  4. Initially, during the PPPC administration, the CCTV were meant to catch the criminals operating in the monitored areas. This idiot needs to use it catch those who want the good life without working honestly for it. Catching traffic violators is nothing to crow about

  5. Over 3000 traffic violations caught on CCTV.

    Rumjhaat said “They are pleading guilty because they cannot get away from the fact that it is them on the cameras.

    Inews should do a follow up on these 3000 traffic violators.
    Find out how many of them attend court plead guilty and paid fines.
    U bet your life most of these cases are settled somewhere in the court yard.
    Then when u get the facts stuff down Rumjhaat throat.

  6. 3000 Violations ??? Nice……. was any of those Tinted Vehicles, CG Motorcycles with Trade Plates and Broken Plates? While getting away from robbery scene I am sure will be some traffic violations. Was any of those violations robbery scenes? Good Job Mr. Minister keep it up.


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