No merger of CANU and Police Narcotics Unit – President Granger clarifies

President David Granger

By Jomo Paul

President David Granger.
President David Granger.

[] – President David Granger says that the Government has not taken a decision to merge the Customs and Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU) with the Police narcotics unit and the Guyana Revenue Authority enforcement unit.

Reports had surfaced recently that the Government had taken a decision to merge CANU, along with the police narcotics department to form a new unit dubbed the National Anti Narcotics Agency (NANA).

“A decision has not been taken on the merger,” President Granger said on Wednesday adding that the government is “rationalizing the functions of the three agencies.”

The three agencies have been working separately over the years and have managed to make several huge drug busts independently and in joint operations.

Guyana is still bracing for the setting up of a local Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) Office in Guyana. The local office expected to be fully staffed and operational by mid-January 2016.

United States Ambassador to Guyana, Perry Holloway had stated that head for the local office has already been named.

“There has already been someone selected to be the head of the office, I can’t share the name at this time, but I hope to see him on January 15 and his team around the same time,” said Holloway.



  1. PPP tout the US is failure because many like you doing the same thing you are accustomed to, As a Guyanese if you are one name one good thing you did for the PPP over the last 23 years they were in office, these units are make up off some of the most corrupt ppl most of them make the news, Cantdo (CANU) and the police narco branch are just jobs ppl like you do, the system in Guyana is a failure from top to bottom, how many people are in jail for a joint of weed? And how many of the worse cockroach like BARRY who was busted with a large shipment of cocaine and is free as a bird, you and many like you hate uncle sam now but in 92 USA was the only place to be, BACK TRACK like mad, you vote PPP but dream Canada USA, the change of government and the help from the United States is not in favor of many of you, The influence of the DEA is going to run many of you in Jail or broke,the Lawlessness is coming to an end,,,

  2. Granger seem very lost! Granger is letting the USA failures take over Guyana….The ambassadors to Guyana SHOULD NOT be involved in the politics of Guyana! These guys are out to destroy the economy so they can suck OIL out at a cheaper price! We , the Guyanese want to see improvements in jobs, economy and most importantly SECURITY! SO far the APNU has failed miserably at ALL three areas. PPP will win the next election so lets hope that this administration does not destroy it far enough…..seems like the un-educated ministers that are installed has very little brain cells….the shell seems to be very empty….

  3. Merger is not a good idea. .Having these units share information is a given , but information from all Anti Drug Agencies, should be kept on seperate data bases. If a joint single data base is hacked, all the agencies would be seriously compromised.
    CANU, must retain its independance, to ensure its intelligance and integrity remains secure.
    Just consult with the DEA before government makes , what in my opinion, would be a disasterous operational error, to merge the agencies.


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