Crying teenager remanded to prison for aggravated robbery


Sean DeSantos (in green shirt). [iNews' Photo]
Sean DeSantos (in green shirt). [iNews’ Photo]
[] – Nineteen year old Sean DeSantos of South Ruimveldt, Georgetown appeared before Magistrate Alex Moore, charged with the offense of aggravated robbery.

It is alleged that on November 01, 2015 at South Ruimveldt, Georgetown; being in company of others, he robbed Debra Creighton of $2,000 cash.

He was not allowed to plead to the indictable matter; however, as the Magistrate was speaking, DeSantos, who appeared to be crying, blurted out his innocence and said he never once touched the Virtual Complainant.

He was remanded to prison and is scheduled to make his next court appearance on November 30.


  1. President Granger can’t do in a few months what Jagdeo and Ramotar failed to do in 23 years. First he has to clean up the mess that the PPP left. Chaz

  2. Once you hit 18 you are considered an adult in most countries. He should be treated as an adult and face the consequences of his wanting the good life without honest work. Granger and his administration promised the nation the ” good life” but this seems to be a pie in the sky promise. Hence, this 19 year crybaby and many across Guyana can’t wait for the good life any longer while the government took a 50% pay hike and they got larwah

  3. Crying teenager remanded to prison for aggravated robbery
    Him crying because him get ketch but watch kit and kit in full action.
    Community service..


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