Mother of alleged murderer devastated; did not know he was gay

Alleged Murderer: Samuel Bristol


By Leroy Smith


Alleged Murderer: Samuel Bristol
Alleged Murderer: Samuel Bristol

[] – June Bristol said that her eldest son, Samuel Denver Bristol was a man who had many girlfriends and she is at a loss as to when and how “these people [homosexuals] step up in his life.”

During an interview with iNews at her Nabaclis, East Coast Demerara home, the woman said that her son never displayed any gay tendencies and she would even joke with him often about him having children.

The woman said it “seems like a dream at this point” and the stories she is hearing are very many and varying.

Thirty – one – year old Bristol allegedly committed suicide this morning (Sunday, July 20) near the Bourda Post Office in Georgetown by dousing himself with a corrosive substance. He died at the Georgetown Hospital, shortly after killing two homosexuals at Leopold Street and Lombard Street, respectively.

Dead: 23 - year - old Jason John known as Jada
Dead: 23 – year – old Jason John known as Jada

Dead are 23 – year – old Jason John known as Jada of Lamaha Street, Alberttown and 24 – year – old Carl Sinclair known as Tyra. John is said to be a gay model and dancer, while Sinclair was a male commercial sex worker.

iNews understands that Bristol killed the friends of his ex – male lover, 20 – year – old Romario Lovell, known as ‘Thin Slice’ after he found out they encouraged him to engage in commercial sexual activities.

The two were reportedly sharing a relationship for five years but Lovell ended it citing physical abuse.

Mrs. Bristol told this news site that her son came home just after midnight and then left again. She said he does not really sleep out and after some time passed and she did not see him return, she became very worried and could not sleep.

Dead: 24 - year - old Carl Sinclair known as Tyra Banks
Dead: 24 – year – old Carl Sinclair known as Tyra Banks

The woman said that it was only when she awoke this morning that she was confronted with the news via the internet and realised that her son’s name was mentioned.

She described him as a very loving and caring person who would do his part to support the home but was not doing so recently since he was no longer employed. The woman explained that during the three week period he was not working, he was acting normal but on Friday, she saw a different Samuel Bristol.

The woman said she asked her son what was bothering him and all he said to her was “a lot of things.”



  1. My heart felt condolences to the family of these two young people especially Jason’s family. My the grace of Christ give them the strenght to carry on.

  2. No one must decide who should live or die,people live their lives to suit themselves,its a tragedy.My condolences to the family and friends of the two deceases may your souls Rest in Peace.

  3. One day I was at the Stabroek Market and a young man pointed out someone like the two deceased (could have been one of them) and said something to the effect that they should be killed because of their lifestyle. My response was that someone else could find a reason in your lifestyle (‘straight’) to decide that you should not live. That response on mine did not find favour with the likely murderer. Condolences to the relatives and friends of the two murdered Guyanese. RiP.


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