Pirates who attacked fishermen are Guyanese – Captain tells police

Feroze Hack


By Leroy Smith

Missing: Vinesh Drunarine.
Missing: Vinesh Drunarine.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – The captain of the vessel which was attacked by pirates and its four crewmembers thrown into the sea has informed the police that it was the work of Guyanese.

The captain, Salim Feroze Hack is said to be the only survivor, while three of the four crewmembers remain missing. The body of Andrew Goopie was found at the Mahaica Foreshore on July 17, eight days after the attack (July 9) and not far from where the vessel was also found.

Missing: Raymond Gomes
Missing: Raymond Gomes

Investigators here in Guyana said that they took detailed statements from Hack, who maintains that the attack did occur in Suriname waters.

Statements which he gave to the Police in Suriname and in Guyana are said to be consistent with medical reports issued by both health workers in Suriname and in Guyana.

He is very confident that the pirates are Guyanese as he told investigators that the men who concealed their identity and had a strong Guyanese accent.

Feroze Hack
Feroze Hack

Hack has since been placed on station bail and is required to visit the Beterverwagting police station every day.

Missing" Chandrapaul Jallim
Missing” Chandrapaul Jallim

Meanwhile the search continues for the other three missing fishermen. Their boat was stripped of its cargo and possessions and later left drifting at sea while they were thrown overboard, one by one.





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