Age limit for alcohol consumption should increase to 21 – iNews Poll



Pie Chart[] – An iNews poll has found that the legal age limit for alcohol consumption should be increased from 18 to 21 years.

The poll found 80 percent of participants are in favour of the increase, while 19 percent are against and one percent undecided.

Children under the age of 16 are not allowed to be in the bar of any licensed premises or even purchase alcohol unless they are above 16 years.

According to the laws, “You [the child] should never be asked to go to any licensed premises to buy alcohol. If you are asked, you should refuse and tell the person asking that what they want you to do is against the law.”alcohol-abuse-youngsters

On average, Guyanese consumed more than eight litres of pure alcohol in 2010 compared to the global figure of 6.2 litres, the World Health Organisation (WHO) said in a new report launched earlier in the year.




  1. I was also bullied but by non Indians.
    These are the PNCites we were blessed with. I bet they dare not do this with the others except the gullible people of Indian descent. I found straw bosses of Indian are the worst predators on Indian people.
    They needed to be weeded out.

  2. MP in Guyana under 21 how much property they really have to go after?
    The cries are Government dont provide jobs for them…like if government job is to provide jobs for all..New laws makes more police more richer than you think with the present hiring of these police..most cases in guyana are settled on the spot..its like a security woman at the airport telling me i cant go out the airport once i check in my luggage..when i asked her why..she say is the thing..what thing i asked..she says its just the thing..i knew immediately what the thing was..she want a bribe..she is there looking for soft target to pounce on..well its too bad i went out and spend my waiting time with my family outside and didn give her her “thing” I agree with most of it but many many police must be removed from duty immediately..

  3. I voted to hike the limits to age 21.
    Twenty one is legal voting age. This is a big responsibility.
    Policing of laws are always difficult especially when resources are scarce.
    Penalty should not be jail time, but hefty fines.
    When people have to pay, they will listen.
    Seize their property and sell it, if they broke the law!

  4. ok change it to 21 or for that matter change it to 61..right now its 18 and they still drink rum and dope up like crazy under 18…what must the law do with them lets say they find some of them rum up and dope up at 15 16 17?????
    jail them and pelt away the keys?? remember read thread pound the house till it caved in to change the the age of consent limit…check what happens to those who under the new legal age of consent law..they having sex under way under age some getting pregnant…how to deal with this thing no one knows..send then up to NOC where they get raped????


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