EYEWITNESS: Launching…Black Friday II?


The PNC held their rally to commemorate the second anniversary of the end of their 5-month quixotic (delusional? demented?) holdout on the March 2, 2020 elections. Granger got his share of busing out for “throwing in the towel”!! Oh…how the mighty has fallen!! Was a time when you’d believe the man could walk on water – if you went by what these same fair-weather supporters used to say!!  But that’s how the conkie crumbles, doesn’t it!!

Anyhow, your Eyewitness was a tad disappointed that some of the speakers cogged shamelessly from Burnham’s speech at the same spot back on the night of Feb 15, 1962 – when he egged on his supporters to burn down the business district of Georgetown on Black Friday, Feb 16. According to the Wynn Parry Report, the “opposition political parties and the Trades Union Council (TUC) mounted street demonstrations against the Budget introduced by the P.P.P. Government led by Dr Cheddi Jagan. These culminated in riots, arson, and looting on Friday, 16 February.”

The Report continued, “There had, however, prevailed for some months previously a feeling of unrest, mounting in some cases to a sense of resentment which led naturally, if not inevitably, to the events of the week under review….The leaders of the PNC were actuated through the failure of their ambitions…” In their use of Quindon Bacchus’ murder and bitter denunciations of Granger we see the same “failed ambitions” of the present PNC crop of leaders!! Oh how they wish they could get their hands on the reins of power!!

Your Eyewitness knows that Burnham and D’Aguiar, of course, like the present lot, had vowed to remove the PPP government from office by any means necessary. But jeez!! Are the newbies so deficient of political nous that they haven’t grasped that their supporters might’ve changed in the last sixty years?? What did Burnham say then?? According to the Report, “He began by congratulating his listeners on the splendid performance of the morning when there had been a wholesale breach of the (emergency) proclamation.”


“In his peroration he declared that a government could not be got rid of by merely saying “Resign” or “Down with Jagan”. “Those are useful and helpful slogans, but much more than slogans are required in the present circumstances. Comrades, first of all, let me say this, that the PNC sees the way clearly, step by step and phase by phase. All I can tell you is this, that it is no sense taking part in this explosion which has happened at this moment if you are going to peter out or turn back halfway. You have to see it through . . . .”

The call for fortitude was cogged wholesale!!

…or slow fyaah II

The PNC speakers – and they were ALL PNC, contrary to claims of a “coalition”!! – all called for Hoytean protests. But the call to violence was made in the Burnhamite esoteric signalling of the word “violence” repeatedly – but not the DIRECT call. He knew what he meant and his audience knew what he meant!! Burnham continued: “I believe that the PNC knows what we all want and knows how we will seek to achieve what we all want; but one thing I know you do not want, one thing I know the P.N.C. will not countenance, and that is violence. Comrades, violence we shall never start because we are a peaceful people. If there is to be violence, let others start it, not the PNC; but Comrades, they shall not pass.” Ahhh…the sanctimoniousness!!

After his audience protested his call for “rest”, Burnham ended ominously: “I have heard what you have had to say, and I have noted very carefully what you prefer and want, and therefore, Comrades, you will be informed what exercises may be necessary tomorrow.”

…their doom 

But it’s said “you can’t cash the same check twice’. In 1962, the Yanks wanted violence…but today – contrary to what the PNC believes – they want stability!! Poor coggers!!